Mediatek Helio P90: Is It Better Than Snapdragon 710?

Mediatek Helio P90: Is It Better Than Snapdragon 710?

Mediatek Helio P90 Preview: Chipset that surpasses the Snapdragon 710

Mediatek is mostly known for chipsets for budget Chinese smartphones. The manufacturer tried to produce flagship processors, however the popular smartphone brands chose  Qualcomm chipsets. From other side, Mediatek budget processors are quite popular today. It seems that Mediatek found its own way, and focused all efforts on affordable chipsets for Chinese smartphones. 

MediaTek found the balance between performance and battery consumption. The latest tests of processors from Helio P series are very close to the flagship Snapdragon chipsets. Helio P60 is almost identical to Snapdragon 660. However, MediaTek only started its new way, and the next processor Helio P90 will change the market. Upcoming chipset provides similar performance to Snapdragon 8150. So, it seems that Mediatek is in big game again! 

In this article we want to talk about Helio P90 in details, its competitors, features and list of smartphones. 

Mediatek Helio P90: Competitors

Although Mediatek is the most popular manufacturer of processors for budget smartphones, especially under $100, many people prefer to pay a little more and buy a smartphone on Snapdragon. We are used that Qualcomm processors are more reliable, proven and powerful. They provide longer battery life, and they are better for heavy 3D games. 

Mediatek Helio P90 Preview: Chipset that surpasses the Snapdragon 710

We cannot say that Mediatek processors are weak, but the difference is significant compared to Snapdragon. However, we are talking about budget mobile devices, but what about flagships? Do you remember Meizu Pro 7 Plus? It wasn’t popular smartphone, but it provides quite good performance. It was powered by Helio X30. 

Mediatek Helio P90: Helio P and Helio A 

After the failures of flagship chipsets Helio X, the Chinese manufacturer decided to develop Helio P series, as well as  budget Helio A. It was really good decision for company. Helio A22 and P22 were used in budget smartphones Xiaomi Redmi 6A and Redmi 6. The processors have 12-nanometer process technology, which is really good. The flagship Snapdragon 845 has 10 nanometers process technology. 

The clock speed of Helio A22 in Xiaomi Redmi 6A reaches 2 GHz, This is very good for smartphone under $100.

Mediatek Helio P90 Preview: Chipset that surpasses the Snapdragon 710

Then MediaTek released Helio P60. It is the competitor to Snapdragon 660. New processor consists of powerful Cortex-A73 cores with a frequency of up to 2 GHz. It competes almost equally with Snapdragon 660.

Mediatek Helio P90: Features

Finally, Mediatek decided to rush things and release Helio P90. Moreover, Mediatek’s growth was so fast that Qualcomm also began to work actively. MediaTek will show Helio P90 tomorrow,  December 13. According to the first tests, it will be better not only Snapdragon 710, but also the flagship chipset from 2018 – Snapdragon 837. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the performance of Helio P90 is close to Snapdragon 8150, which has not been officially released yet.

However, it is clear that Helio P90 will be no better than Snapdragon 8150 for several reasons. Qualcomm product already showed similar benchmark results as the most powerful mobile processor Apple A12 Bionic.

Mediatek Helio P90 Preview: Chipset that surpasses the Snapdragon 710

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Helio P90 chipset. It is based on non-customized Cortex-A75 cores with a maximum clock frequency of up to 2 GHz. There are 8 cores in total, but  big.LITTLE technology has been applied, so 4 cores are Cortex-A75, while the others are Cortex-A53.

The process technology of the chipset is 12 nanometers. We already have first results from GeekBench. It showed that Helio P90 will score about 2000 points in single-core test, and 6800 points in multi-core test. 

Mediatek Helio P90: Release Date

The official presentation of new processor is scheduled for December 13, 2018. The first smartphones on new chipset will appear not earlier than the spring of 2019. The MediaTek representatives says that Helio P70 will change everything. We hope this will really happen, because competition is always beneficial to the buyer.

Source: notebookcheck