Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha


The other day, Samsung presented in Russian metal smartphone, called Galaxy Alpha. The event was closed, it was invited to the main glamor magazines, as the positioning of this unit – a stylish design for the fans of trendy stuff. Of course, organized a presentation is also quite original: as the place of the presentation was a yacht club, then prior to the show “Alpha” everyone a ride on sailing yachts. In general, to paraphrase a famous saying: what would a “child” anything he wants … just to get a treat!

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Design, size, controls

Perhaps the most interesting and the most important thing in the Samsung Galaxy Alpha – appearance, because the technical characteristics in this case are secondary: still nothing special in the next, at least six months, we do not see, and if you like, and will be, certainly not embodied in “Alpha”.

At this time, Samsung has stepped over themselves and still was able to “give birth” to a device that has a little bit of metal in the body. And, frankly, this metal was enough to pleasantly cools the palm, especially on summer evenings.

Of this material is made frame, very similar to the well-known bumper Draco Supernova: the top and bottom of the side faces have small projections, and in the middle – the groove. Reminds increased in size Samsung Galaxy S2 with “iron” bumper. Feeling when you hold your smartphone, such as pleasant as the iPhone, which is compact and, and comfortable.

He did not say about the size, they are as follows: 132h65h6.7 mm. By the way, notice that the thickness of only 6.7 mm – the thinnest line of Samsung Galaxy. And that’s good.

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

While on sale there will be two variants of the traditional colors: white and black. Later, see a couple more colors. Gold will surely be.

Padded front panel is decorated with decorative dots. The rear panel is very thin, easy to remove. It is made of plastic coated “soft touch”. It also has a small dark dots, not concave, as in the Galaxy S5. Rear surface Galaxy Alpha completely flat, so it seems to me, the engineers have to reduce the thickness.

In the “Home” embedded fingerprint scanner. Well, this is not new. Shape is rectangular with rounded edges. Pressing soft.

The camera module (if we take into account the size) is similar to the camera module S5, but it is almost flush with the body. Heartbeat Sensor and the flash from the camera shifted to the left (in the S5 are at the bottom).

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

On top of the front panel are: speaker, camera, light sensors and proximity. On the right side – the power button (thin, made of metal), on the left – a key-volume rocker (metal). Micro-USB connector and main microphone – below and a – hole, where it hides a handsfree speakerphone. Second microphone and 3.5 mm audio jack – at the upper end.

Under the hood is a removable battery and a slot for microSIM. Sadly, the Galaxy Alpha deprived of the memory card slot.This was explained by the presence of 32 GB of internal Flash. Certainly not like the Samsung …

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha


In this section, everything is quite simple and, again, sadly, because the diagonal is 4.7 inches, and resolution only HD. Why is all this sad – you know at the end of the text. Matrix is ​​SuperAMOLED technology and is similar to the quality of the matrix in the Galaxy S5 mini. Discuss in more detail in the test Alpha. Setting is identical to any other phones Galaxy series with the new version of the shell.

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha


The battery is removable, although the thickness of the housing. Its capacity of 1860 mAh. Currently there are no data on the timing of “life” is not. I am sure that Samsung will do everything possible with the software so that the battery did not sit down at least to the middle of the day. In general, of course, feeble: for example, in the Huawei Ascend P6s (thickness 6.5 mm, metal edging) worth 2,000 mAh battery, in an old P6 (thickness 6.2 mm, metal edging and rear panel) – 2000 mAh battery, in a more subtle GioNee Elife S5.5 (only 5.6 mm thickness, edging made of metal, and the back panel is made of glass) – 2300 mAh.

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Communication features

In the Samsung proudly say that Galaxy Alpha supports networks 4G LTE-Advanced (Cat 6), which provides the highest speed in the world up to 300 Mbit / s when downloading to the subscriber (the channel from the subscriber up to 50 Mbit / s). Cool, do not say anything, the main thing to wait until at least the usual LTE appears throughout Russia.

Simkarty, not surprisingly, one. Otherwise typical for any product Samsung: Wi-Fi b / g / n, BT 4.0 LE, GPS, GLONASS, NFC.

Hardware platform and memory

It uses a chipset Exynos 5 Octa – quad-core A15 (1.8 GHz) and four cores A7. (1.3 GHz).

2GB of RAM, built-in for uploading photos / videos, games and software – 32 GB Flash. Once again, that the microSD card slot in this model!

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha


The camera module is placed in between: in the Galaxy S5 – 16 MP, in the Galaxy S5 mini – 8 MP, and Galaxy Alpha – 12 MP.The front camera 2.1 MP. Assess the quality of the photo there was no time, and “tyrit” footage from a test sample is more expensive, it is still many times the software will “dopilivat.”

In the settings you can choose shoot video in HDR, UHD resolution available for movies. And the rest – a typical Galaxy S5.

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha


So, the bad news (as promised in the “Display”) … Price Galaxy Alpha just something … of 25 000 rubles. For the machine without memory card slot and a small HD-TV – this price, in my opinion, simply prohibitive. Of course, to understand pricing of Samsung can: today Galaxy S5 costs 30 000, Galaxy S5 mini – 20 000 rubles. Accordingly, Galaxy Alpha wormed void sumnyashesya (in no doubt) is somewhere in between.

Another option pricing can be direct competition with the iPhone 5S, and that looks about the same, and the price is close.Naturally, at the time of the iPhone 6 – Samsung also give your answer.

Meeting with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

To improvise literally like a gadget worth buying Galaxy S4 / S5 mini to them metal bumpers. Or is not to suffer either take iPhone 5S now, or wait until the end of September and buying iPhone 6, enjoy it!

In general, I believe that it was not necessary to run the Galaxy S5 mini, and instead show us the Galaxy Alpha for about the same amount – that is, about 20 000. That’s when it would be all happiness.

Pre-order can be made from 15 August to 11 September. Those who can do it for free would get covers SView Cover. Home sales scheduled for September 12, and the first 50 customers will receive a free Samsung Gear FIT.

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