11.03.2017 11:46

Meizu Bluetooth Speaker Review: Want some music?

Managers of the company Meizu looked at Xiaomi success in the market of various kinds of gadgets and decided to keep up. New device Meizu Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for many users. The product really looks stylish, gives a good sound quality and it allows you to listen to your favorite music anywhere.

If you lead an active lifestyle, constantly go somewhere or travel the world, walk in the evenings or meet friends in the park, then you need to have Meizu Bluetooth Speaker.

In this article we talk about new gadget, discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Then you will decide for yourself the product worth your attention and money or not. Moreover, you can buy Meizu Bluetooth Speaker right now, you just need to decide on a choice.

Meizu Bluetooth Speaker Review: Want some music?

Meizu Bluetooth Speaker: Design

Design is a very important, because you will carry Meizu Bluetooth Speaker in your hands or your bag. The body of device is made of aluminum, which we really liked, the feeling of metal is much better than from plastic.

Deive has a dimensions of 108 millimeters to 108 millimeters, so it completely regular circle. The thickness is 55 millimeters. There is also something like a stand for placing a gadget on the table. The weight is 170 grams. A fairly light, compact piece for listening to music tracks.

The color options are only two – black and white. The packaging includes leather strap for carrying in hands or for hooking on a bag or backpack.

Meizu Bluetooth Speaker: Specifications

Inside the Meizu Bluetooth Speaker is a speaker with a membrane diameter of 45 millimeters with Maxx Audio technology. If you believe the words of the manufacturer, the technology paired with software processing DRC, gives you a better sound quality to a fairly high level.

You can connect to the speaker with Bluetooth version 4.2 or a usual 3.5-mm connector. Meizu Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with 1800 mAh battery. It is enough for 8 hours of listening to music at 100% loudness or 15 hours of listening to music at 50% loudness. In principle, the indicators are quite adequate.

Meizu Bluetooth Speaker Review: Want some music?

Meizu Bluetooth Speaker: Disadvantages

To start with, Meizu Bluetooth Speaker is charged by microUSB, and not by USB Type-C as everyone expected. It’s a step backwards, as for me. In addition, fast charging is not supported, so you will charge speaker for almost 4 hours.

Some modern smartphones receive 70% of charge for half an hour, but here you have to wait 4 hours. In addition, having a battery of 1800 mAh to play only 8 hours at full volume. It is not very cool, given that you have to wait 4 hours for full full recharge. There is also no information on the type of radiator. Therefore we can not speak about the quality of sound.


The price Meizu Bluetooth Speaker is $25. It is a fairly affordable option. Disappointed only the fact that it has not fast charging.