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Meizu M3E Review

Has already earned popularity and reputation in the domestic market, the company Meizu almost monthly pleasing novelties of his fans and fans of modern gadgets. At the end of 2016 a manufacturer in earnest dispersed and began to produce devices with such speed that may even envy Samsung.

Most recently, our eyes appeared a new smartphone – Meizu M3E review, which in part is an improved version of the popular super-M3 Note, as part of the same symbiosis M3 Note with more recent models of the brand Meizu, but first things first. We got the news and had a full smartphone testing, so willing to tell you about all the advantages and features of the new Meizu M3E, let’s go!

New shades of familiar design

Appearance Meizu M3E review smartphone, by analogy with the iPhone from Apple, was the original chip and therefore recognizable well against the competition. Therefore, in the case of M3E designers, Meizu decided not to reinvent the wheel, but simply “circled” one of the most popular smartphones of its own production. Naturally, there are changes, but they have all affected housing trends, and the front panel remained identical to other models of the manufacturer.

Smartphone Meizu M3E Review: Specs, Features and Price

The case design really has changed a bit. It became thinner (7.9 mm) compared with the M3 Note, in which the thickness is 8.2 mm. It would seem a small difference, but in the hand of the machine felt quite differently. The matte finish aluminum body has become more velvety, and mirror polishing faces found on the perimeter. Plastic inserts, which are placed under the communication modules, turned into two elegant bars, which are almost imperceptible to the touch. In conjunction, these changes had a positive impact on comfort, especially when working with the device with one hand – the smartphone has become less slippery and securely in your hand.

Another feature was the new colors Meizu M3E review – sky-blue color and is very popular among girls rose gold shade. Also changed the color of the dark gray model to a more saturated blue-gray, a la “wet asphalt”. No changes were only the classic colors – silver and golden.

Location keys are not changed, they are on the right side. Micro-USB port for charging the device and PC synchronization – stayed at the same place, in the center of the lower end of the housing. But the 3.5 mm headphone jack moved to the upper end to the lower left corner. It’s nice that the producer listens to the wishes of its customers. This connector layout more ergonomic, especially when active use wired headphones.

Noticeable and positive change in the display. He became brighter as compared to the M3 Note. In the new set of the 5.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution. High-quality IPS-matrix provides maximum viewing angles. Meizu M3E review display features high brightness and contrast, and natural colors without distorting colors. The screen is framed by ultra-thin frames that have become the standard for even the most low-end phones from Meizu.

Under the screen, there is a brand fingerprint scanner, which is built into a mechanical button Home – a decision which has already become a classic for Meizu smartphone. The scanner works very quickly and accurately recognize the imprint of the owner, even if the hands are slightly damp.
The ergonomics of the new Meizu M3E, as is usually the case with products of the brand, at an altitude of, and any changes in the design of the housing have benefited the new product, both in terms of appearance as well as in increasing the comfort when using the machine.

Filling and opportunities

Novelty is based on an 8-core processor MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755) in conjunction with the video chip Mali-T860 MP2 and 3 GB of RAM. Internal memory is 32 GB and can be expanded via memory cards up to 128GB. The device supports two nano-SIM cards, but as it is now fashionable, the second slot for SIM cards is aligned with a slot for memory cards.

Smartphone Meizu M3E Review: Specs, Features and Price

At first glance, Meizu M3E review equipped powerful enough filling, however, product performance indicators in a synthetic test AnTuTu is average. Smartphone deals – 48,167 points, which is 4538 points higher than the Meizu M3 Note, whose “hair” is actually a new M3E.

As you may remember from our review of the Note the Meizu M3E review, his performance with enough margin to perform the tasks of any complexity – from simple browsing in the browser, to run most modern games. So we were confident that the new M3E does not disappoint users with their capabilities, and we were not mistaken.

The device is easy to cope with the 2-dimensional game “Battleheart”, and the number of frames per second did not fall below 110. It is not surprising, since 2D graphics – “seeds” for Helio P10, so we continued testing.

A more sophisticated runner with 3-D graphics «Blades of BRIM», from the well-known developer SYBO, could not load the device up to the limit values. Animation displayed very smoothly, and the number of frames per second was held at 85 fps.

Finally, we tested the device by running the game with complex graphics – “Dungeon Hunter 5”. Long load for “iron” smartphone provides the multi-layered three-dimensional drawing of the locations with maximum detail all objects. Also high dynamics and a large number of independent characters, which alter their behavior and coordinate activities in real time. But in this case, the new Meizu M3E did not disappoint, providing a comfortable, eye, the value – 60 frames per second. And this despite the best picture quality settings!

Naturally, there were no problems with playback Full HD movies via a built-in player, and via popular application MX Player. The same goes for streaming video from Youtube, even in the choice of ultra-high resolution 4K – playing videos is very smooth, no lag and frame loss.

Do not sum sound quality news provided the use of good headphones from reputable manufacturers. Built-in Music Player app will love not only to music lovers because has an intuitive user-friendly interface and wide capabilities of sound with the equalizer settings.

Talking about the multimedia capabilities of new items can certainly argue that the Meizu M3E review pleasantly surprised by the future owners, as able to perform the tasks of any complexity. Performance indicators filling apparatus exceeds the previous model – Meizu M3 Note, which is also very worthy passed all the tests, so the new M3E sure to appeal to fans of interactive entertainment.

Interface features

The new smartphone Meizu M3E review runs on Android 6.0 OS preloaded with proprietary shell Flyme OS 5.2.1. As mentioned in our review unit of the Meizu – shell Flyme OS is virtually independent of the operating system based on the Android OS, as changes have affected not only the appearance of the system, but also the basic principles of management. This Flyme OS supports all games and applications for Android, and the installation takes place via the standard Google apps store – Play Market.

Smartphone Meizu M3E Review: Specs, Features and Price

Flyme Interface sharpened by working with a physical button Home, which is a multi-function replacement of the three standard Android OS controls. For example, a physical press of the button returns the user to the desktop, light touch keys Home – a step back, a physical press and hold the button to turn off the screen and lock the device. The solution is really interesting, non-standard and very convenient. In addition, among the competitors is not found analogs, so the Home and shell Flyme multifunction button become a kind of “calling card” brand Meizu.

Features cameras

Two cameras are installed in the new product. Matrix main camera has a native resolution of 13 megapixels, the lens is located under the two-color LED flash that allows you to take pictures without distorting colors, even in the absence of ambient light.

Resolution front camera is modest and 5MP – enough to produce high-quality images and selfie-communication via video conference, for example, via Skype.

Both cameras can shoot video with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels – Full HD at 30 frames per second. Optical stabilization is unfortunately missing but implemented features autofocus and focus on certain objects when you touch the screen.


Because of changes in body structure, and the thickness of the battery capacity trends 3100 mAh 1000 mAh which is less than the Meizu Note M3. However, reducing the volume of the battery is not much impact on the autonomy of the device. Thanks to the excellent optimization Flyme OS and automatic power saving mode, the battery surely enough for a whole day of active use.

Also, the novelty Meizu M3E review has received the function of fast battery charging – mCharge, which allows you to charge your smartphone from zero to 100% in just 1.5 hours. And up to 50%, the device is charging just 30 minutes! Quick charge – very useful option that the will appreciate users, who appreciate not only autonomy but also save your own time.


New items can be dubbed “a variation on the Meizu M3 Note», which clearly failed. Developers have achieved the desired results because of redesigned case and new color solutions. Do not let us down and filling apparatus, since Smartphone Testing demonstrates performance gains.
The rest – to our eyes appeared very familiar and extremely popular the Meizu the Note the M3, but with a more attractive appearance, improved ergonomics, rapid charging function, as well as other detailed modifications, which are not enough users in the original version. Meizu M3E review will attract those who want to buy an inexpensive, yet stylish and productive M3 Note, however, did not do so for several reasons. Now buyers fell a second chance to evaluate all of the advantages of smartphones Meizu line «M» on the example of the new Meizu M3E.

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