Meizu M3X Review Glass Android Smartphone

Meizu M3X Review Glass Android Smartphone

Meizu M3X Review Glass Smartphone

Meizu company never ceases to amaze us with their new mobile phones. Only recently screened flagship, the company produces Meizu M3X. This device with a more affordable price, a simple specifications, but very interesting design and other features. It is worth noting that the market in China, the smartphone will be sold under the name Meizu Meilan X, but the rest of the world its name is exactly Meizu M3X.

It is also worth to say that at the moment the gadget is officially sold only in the territory of China and abroad product may be released inĀ 2017, but there will not promise. However, smartphone is very, very interesting, it looks cool, expensive and speciits fications allows you to easily work with any kind of content.

So today we will tell you about the brand new smartphone, and you will already be waiting to decide whether it is worth it or not. And let’s talk about the price, of course.

Meizu M3X: Specifications

Smartphone Meizu M3X based on processor MediaTek Helio P20, which we really liked the performance. Processor model is based on 64-bit architecture, has eight cores clocked at 2.3 GHz, and it allows you to not worry about the games, programs and other entertainment content.

Meizu M3X Review Glass Smartphone

The performance Meizu M3X will be enough to head to any task. For the graphics controller responds smartphone Mali-T880, you it is not the first time you can see, in fact establish Mali-T880 frequently. Further, the smartphone has two options set – 3 GB of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal memory.

The second option please complete 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of space for movies and toys. You only need to think about what this smartphone is bought and then the question of equipment will disappear by itself.

Meizu M3X Review Glass Smartphone

Meizu M3X: Design

The smartphone Meizu M3X is presented in four body colors – white, black, blue and gold. On the front side of the smartphone’s all pretty standard – a hardware key Home, display the minimum framework on top of the speaker and the camera.

No logos on the front panel. It is noteworthy that the back side of the smartphone also made of glass, which is not only scratches but also looks expensive. On the other hand, if Meizu M3X will fall even from a small height, you’ll be left with a mountain of glass in his hand.

Not very practical, actually. But it looks very expensive, there will not argue.

Meizu M3X Review Glass Smartphone

Meizu M3X: Features

The smartphone Meizu M3X has got a display with IPS matrix and a diagonal of 5.5 inches, a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This is a very high-quality display that gives you comfort in reading, games, long movies, and so on.

Under the Home button is also a fingerprint sensor, it works well enough and gives you the ability to protect their personal information from abuse by third parties. Naturally, there is a USB port Type-C, there is a good camera is 12 megapixels and a front to 5.

Fortunately, the main and the front camera Meizu M3X does not protrude from the outside of the body, it is pleased with us.

Meizu M3X: Conclusion

There is information that Meizu M3X will sell for $ 250 in China. For this price is quite adequate specifications, I would say democratic, but it is only a minimum configuration, steeper version will cost more. But not much, it is still the Chinese smartphone and there is now a very nice price tags.

The smartphone Meizu M3X is ideal for the modern users who want a decent, but not very expensive smart phone. It is in this new product is, plus it looks very stylish.