Melissa McBride: “We are fighting because we are afraid to stay”

Melissa McBride: “We are fighting because we are afraid to stay”

Melissa McBride:

The series “The Walking Dead» (The Walking Dead), which a week ago, we praised for moderate dynamism slowed slightly in the last series of the moment“absorption” (Consumed). But the audience was able to get an idea of the mental state of Carol and Daryl – two pets extensive fansite community, which is closely monitoring the developments of the zombie drama. Heroes come easy, because in addition to the changes that have taken place with all of the apocalypse, their torment painful memories of that, a normal life.
Melissa McBride: "We are fighting because we are afraid to stay"

There are spoilers for the episode “absorption”!

Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, talked about his love for the quiet scenes of an unusual connection between her character and Daryl, as well as how to rescueBeth from the hospital.

In this series, Carol and Daryl reminded of the psychological trauma that they have received in the past. Of all the characters of the series, the two are aware of the violence, perhaps more than others. Connects them is this?

I think so. Interestingly, the first they had a community of interests just motivated violence, but then there are other points of contact. At some point, Carol said, “You are not what was, and I too.” They change and do it together.

You, of course, you know, the dream of fans for a long time … This series was the scene of the bed, and everything has been thought out, it’s time. But then it became clear that their kiss would have looked like something strange.

He was not planned. I do not know whether that will happen someday.

But you at least understand on the set of the series, as will be nervous while viewing audience?

In fact, I have not yet seen. Many fans were very happy to learn that Carol andDaryl devoted an entire episode, and then upset when the two split. Generally, all relate differently to their relations. Give a hardcore – that they were physically together, period. Other suits that bond that formed between our heroes now. These other kicks on how things are going.

Very interesting to see how Carol and Daryl satisfied soul striptease in front of each other. Among them were such a relationship of trust, which in this series no one else has.

This is exactly what I like about them. Between them there is something that they are not going to share with anyone. It is simply impossible.

Why are the characters “walking” is still fighting for his life when the present life, in fact, no more?

This is a very interesting question. I do like these meditative scene, when we start to talk, “Oh, we have the same apocalypse. There are dead people devour someone. I just committed murder “[cmeetsya]. They are fighting for life, because they are afraid to stop and think about all this.

We already know that Carol will be in the hospital and tries to rescue Beth. Will we see a new version of your character, which will be ready to kill not only zombies, but people for the sake of loved ones?

When it comes to saving people dear to her, she would do everything possible. You can not just stand by and watch as your friends and family die. If necessary, she will select a weapon and kill. Carol can shoot up and leave his enemy to bleed, for example. My character is constantly trying to somehow come to terms with the fact that she now has to do.

After Carol before she could pray … What kind of had these prayers before the apocalypse happened?

Very simple. For example, a husband Ed: “God grant that he was hit by a car or not to come back home tonight.” And so on …

And now?

If now she asks for something from God, so it is wisdom to do what is right, and the power to bring the follow through. In the world of “The Walking Dead” and then, and another is very difficult to find …