Mercedes-Benz is preparing a series of hydrogen crossover

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a series of hydrogen crossover


Manual Mercedes-Benz now evaluates propulsion systems based on fuel cells in terms of feasibility of mass production. It is possible that after three years in the model line will Deutschmark hydrogen crossover SUV or full.

In 2009, Mercedes-Benz has tried to bring to market a car on hydrogen fuel. Then clean propulsion manned kompaktven B-Class, but the project was soon closed. Nevertheless, as stated by the project Motoring Mercedes-Benz Head of Sales Kallenius Ola, the company is not going to refuse to work in this direction. According Kalleniusa potential of hydrogen fuel cells from an environmental point of view it is difficult to overestimate.

In details Mercedes-Benz representative refused to go, so that the assumption that the next model of the brand with a hydrogen engine will be just a crossover – this is only version of some experts. In addition, Ola Kallenius said the development of power plants on fuel cells is inhibited not only by their high cost, but the cost of production of hydrogen itself, and the lack of fueling stations in sufficient quantity.

It is to overcome the problems identified in the last year of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Ford agreed on a technology partnership. It is assumed that the result of the joint work will powerplant fuel cell of a new generation that each producer can be used to create environmentally friendly transport. Interestingly, according to preliminary plans, the first results of the partnership should be available in time for 2017.