How Mesut Ozil came to Arsenal – the most intriguing details

How Mesut Ozil came to Arsenal – the most intriguing details

Ezil Wnger 00
Ezil Wnger 00

All have long been accustomed to the fact that Arsene Wenger prefers hands- purchase signing young promising player , and only recently it has suffered adjustment mechanism. After Santi Cazorla and Mikel Arteta explicitly promising not name. By age , of course. But last summer was not like the previous ones.

When the deputy chairman of the club , David Dean was forced to leave Arsenal , the first thing where he went , had a family house Wenger. When it became known that Robin van Persie will soon sign a contract with Manchester United , the first he entered the office of Monsieur Arsene .

Also, when was made one of the biggest deals in the history of the club, and then she went with the direct participation of the French specialist. However, shuttle German dared not in conference rooms at Emirates Stadium . Mesut Ezil arrived in Totteridge holiday village that is located in North London . Wenger personally telephoned the midfielder , who is recognized as the player himself , lost the confidence of Ancelotti , and convinced of the move to his team . Negotiations between the player and the club have been shrouded in secrecy until the last hours of the transfer window closed .

After reaching a verbal agreement Ezil Arsenal visited the training base for the passage of medical tests . The fact that Arsenal – a club whose actions often hidden from the ubiquitous media. Wenger wanted these negotiations do not advertise , so as not to frighten the owner of Tottenham , which in turn, itself delayed Gareth Bale moving to Madrid. Daniel Levy is also in no hurry . He obviously did not want to Arsenal got Ezil , because it will greatly enhance the principal competitor.

In addition to the talks , officials Arsenal reached a verbal agreement that the German midfielder will not play Sunday, Sept. 1 , against the Spanish side Athletic Bilbao .

But with the official confirmation of the sale Ezila leaders Real Madrid were in no hurry , because priority was clearance transition Bale . And at 21.00 in Kiev on the official website of Real Madrid has information about the transfer Welshman that automatically opens the door for the Germans left .

Madrid executives were disappointed with how to answer the latter pulled with Daniel Levy . Of course, they suspected that the Jewish owner Spurs did everything to their main enemy did not have time to register the transfer of Mesut . Levy has broken the silence only after internal match against Gunners , in which he conceded Arsenal Spurs minimum .

The latter represented by Arsene Wenger turned his gaze on Ezila after the failed negotiations with representatives of Gonzalo Higuain , Marouane Fellaini and Luis Suarez . And, of course , the coach has taken into account that the move Bale to Spain is only a matter of time.

After losing a home match against Aston Villa at the start of the season the Premier League, Wenger had no choice but to post-match press conference , promise the fans that large transfers will be carried out . He switched his attention to Madrid Ezila and Di Maria. The Gunners have also made an official inquiry about Karim Benzema , but the success of this transaction was always unlikely.

Real, in turn, gave consent to negotiate with Ezilom or Di Maria to release payroll , as well as for the success of the signing of Welsh midfielder.

After that Arsenal turned in Madrid with proposals for Di Maria with a price of about 30 million euros , as well as – Ezilu that after the match Real in Granada was annoyed by the fact that Carlo Ancelotti allegedly ceased to trust him .

As mentioned above , a personal telephone conversation with German Wenger dotted all the i . And in light of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil Ezil clearly feared for his place in the start of the Madrid giants . These reasons prompted the player to make the final decision to move to London.

How to write some of the media , just after lunch with the match Real Madrid Athletic , which was released in Ezil not start, and he had resolved to change.

And when late Saturday night a few hours before the transfer window closes Madrid Arsenal accepted the offer , there was only the case for small – talks about personal contract player.

Ex-player Werder wanted to fly to London for the final stage of negotiations with his agent and Arsenal , but it’s complicated by the fact that at the time he was supposed to be in Munich in order to shoot a promotional video for the national team dedicated to the World Cup .

Given that the initial examination Mesut already had to go , Arsenal sent a request to the authorities Bundestima to he underwent a medical examination by a doctor of the national team of Germany and Bavaria Hans Muller Wolfhart .

Already then it was possible to ascertain that the contract of the German player is targeted at five years with the amount of 155 thousand euros in the week on which he became the highest paid player of Arsenal .