Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Simulator slicing cubes and all that came to hand, and still got-to-PC owners. So, it’s time to remember the lessons of cooking and do shredding compliant enemy bodies. In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance main tool for making merriment is deadly katana, and instead of the cookbook – just your imagination sophisticated. Did you know that a person with average growth can be easily cut into 72 rolls of meat? The books on the anatomy of this reason is silent, but with this game you will learn many more new and interesting.

It is not Solid, but still Metal Gear

I will not start with a long and boring histories, better take the example of Revengeance and immediately get down to business, jumping off the bat with a millstone tied to impart additional acceleration. Game from the start gaining a furious pace and rushes on the first cosmic speed forward, leaving behind a mountain of cut figuratively carcasses. There’s even a separate button for the block no – MGR us hints like “Ruby, cosine, kill! Just ahead, do not stop! “Well at least that developers have left us to fend off enemy attacks, otherwise our man-Raiden piece of iron had to be very tight. On us and then play off the crowd and huge cyborgs walking robots, and to it was not boring, and even some scum postrelivat RPG at a distance. But we also do not do finger. We play for cyber [His mother] ninja with katana high, the metal is cut like a sharp knife melted butter. “Everyone raised their hands up! No, it does not offer to surrender. Take a look at them one last time, now you have them no longer! “

Skull ninja

But let’s stop for a minute and a sober assessment of what we still do. Why we shinkuem bad uncles on a salad? For the average slasher could come quite in the spirit of the answer “because they are bad,” but to us the representative of the family of Metal Gear, which put his hand diamond and its brilliant brain Hideo Kojima maestro himself. It simply could not pass unnoticed. And it is not passed.

The plot, in which Raiden and his team proved its incompetent defending African Prime Minister, quickly flows voynushku hostile private military company. Of course, behind all this is another, more powerful force. Scene background is registered with maniacal thoroughness: any time you can contact with our colleagues, and they gladly hurl tons of information, starting with the political situation in the country in which Raiden is at the moment, to the local customs and traditions of the local cuisine.

Mechny way

The main thing that is required from the player before starting MGR, besides having a little sadistic inside – even a little love Japanese culture and be mentally prepared for an unusual and uncharacteristic west plot techniques. Hero, as if nothing had happened, jumping on him released in missiles, military helicopters cuts slices and throws himself through the huge metal colossus, its size surpassing him a hundred times that way. Even hundred fifteen. Yaponschina here flows from literally all the cracks – sometimes it seems that it is now seep through the monitor and you splattered from head to toe.

After the local game videos plastered pathos in three good layer, cut scenes of any Call of Duty look like something ordinary and granted. Like going to the store for bread, for example. Insanely happy that, for all its brutality Revengeance is not devoid of humor, albeit sometimes quite black. “Well. again “- somehow indifferent gives Raiden after the amputation of his rough hands enemy sword.

Times chlenenka two chlenenka

And here we come to the main smoothly – shredding process carcasses nasty villains. Successfully parried the enemy attack or stunned enemy can and should go into a special mode cuts. Here, just like in Fruit Ninja, but instead of kiwi and watermelon – head, hands, feet, ears, and other important parts of the body poor fellows decided foolishly to block our path. Generally, if you wish, you can cut almost anything that gets in your eyes, from a small tree to bulk stone columns. Most importantly do not get too carried away: I once foolishly sawed desired metal steps and I had to find a workaround to the goal.

Admission adrenaline also promotes perky soundtrack. During boss fights cheerful rock of passion copulate with wild electronic music, causing goose bumps on your back led dances and dance lezginka. And closer to the climax of the fight still connected and vocals, and you literally begins to inflate the inside of the resulting euphoria. Strange that the special units to combat drug has not yet been seized discs with this game from the shops.

Deep cut

For insatiable maniacs who 5-6 hours bloody meat grinder main campaign seem a little, there is a special set of small test time. Run an obstacle course, no one caught my eye destroy pesky robots solely by grenades, or just chop all the cabbage as soon as possible. Choose any that looks at you, and forward.

MGR benefit ported on PC qualitatively: no nasty bugs. improved teksturki tightened, Ms. Optimization is worth to rehouse gamers and not backwards. But the camera, as a dead weight hanging and dangling, completely forgetting that she needed to take part in the active process. As a result, until the enemy navedesh her slyly sew beyond the borders of the screen, is already time to weigh our gallant swordsman voiced series of blows.

If you still have not got the game console, then in front of you a great way to satisfy your hunger and sadistic brighten fountains crimson splashes on poor gaming trends beginning of the year. Revengeance – this is powerful, juicy chops from a bloody sauce. Be sure to use all connoisseur of Japanese culture and cyborg samurai. Before taking carefully cut into thin slices. Enjoy your meal.