Methods of treatment and variety of hysteria. Medical Practice

Methods of treatment and variety of hysteria. Medical Practice

Methods of treatment and variety of hysteria
Have you confronted by hysteria, when you do not know what to do? Read more about the treatment of hysteria in adults.

What is the hysteria

Often, people with seizures hysteria tend to deliberately escalate their own state, to draw the attention and care of others. Hysteria arises at the time of stress or just a strong emotional shock. If the manifestations of hysteria are unconscious, that is a reaction of the human body to stress that it is difficult to control, this conversion hysteria.


The characteristic behavior of the hysteric in a critical situation may be tears, screaming, laughing, crying, or manifestations of physical illness, pain. During such an attack of hysterics is aware of all that happens in the minds and lives. Also, after the attack, a person remembers everything that happened to him.

Children hysteria

Often the roots of adult hysteria to look for in a child patient, as it is in younger age children use hysteria as a means to get from others what they want. Child in moments of hysteria may not only behave provocatively, strongly attracting the attention of parents and strangers, but also to tell fictional stories, sometimes seeming very strange.

Mass hysteria

Another type of hysteria can be described as a mass because of her participation in a considerable number of people. Most often occurs during large gatherings of people (at concerts, stadiums, squares).

Treatment of Hysteria

To effectively eliminate the symptoms of hysteria in the first place, requires the elimination of the causes of the patient’s nervous excitement, and it is not easy. In this case, can help psychotherapy, belief, hypnosis.As prescribed by a doctor can be applied restorative drugs.

Children’s hysteria is usually treated easily. Most often, just enough to give the child more time to listen to his or closer.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of

Calm the nerves independently and without the use of pharmaceuticals will allow herbal teas and infusions. Wonderful soothing effect has chamomile, motherwort, mint, nail, lavender and lemon balm.Herbs can be brewed as a tea and drink before going to bed.

Take care of your nerves and mental balance, because the recovery process can be very long and difficult.

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