16.07.2014 9:52

Michael Bay shipyard The Last Ship

Summer 2014 is surprisingly generous for projects that are quick to find their fans. So, the debut show The Last Ship from the TNT attracted 5.3 million viewers screens. The pilot episode drama about traveling warship on almost deserted planet, the epidemic was released recently. However, now some critics called The Last Ship most ambitious project of all cable TV, which was launched this year.

The basis of this show – a powerful cast that includes Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin. TV series filmed on the eponymous book by William Brinkley and represents a dynamic combination Postapocaliptics and military drama.

One of the creators of the show, executive producer Hank Steinberg, explains the success of the new drama modern advancements in visual effects, coupled with their relative budget. This combination, in his opinion, and draws on the famous television directors and producers.

Michael Bay shipyard The Last Ship

No wonder that The Last Ship is somewhat reminiscent of a blockbuster, because it, among other things, produces by Michael Bay – the creator of the franchise “Transformers” and other big-budget projects.

His work on television as a producer Michael Bay began on the channel Starz with pirate drama Black Sails, and for the past two years, with the main pro channel TNT, he is actively working on the last ship .

Creative writing Bay felt everywhere: in intense battle scenes, and even mystical conspiracy lurking somewhere romantic. “He is fully immersed in the creation of the series, starting with the casting and choice of locations and ending storyboard. Michael paid attention to every detail, “- says his colleague, producer Steven Kane. Kane and paid tribute to the fact that Bay is familiar with military theme: to delve into the matter, he began since the time of “The Rock” and “Armageddon.” “He wanted everything to be done at a height so made ​​contact with the right people,” – said Kane.

Michael Bay shipyard The Last Ship

Michael also participated in the filming of the pilot as a director. It was he who made ​​director intense battle scenes in the Arctic with the actress Rona Mitra. “Temperature -20, us” mow “of huge guns, I’m running through the snow, and he shouts,” You run like a girl! “- Recalls with a laugh Mitra – I certainly was not the heroine of militants, but in my heart I – normal 14-year-old, “run down” on the worlds of Michael Bay, for all that he is doing so with panache. And if his world is a place you need to comply. “

Michael Bay shipyard The Last Ship

On the role of the powerful and harsh Captain Tom Chandler chose Eric Dane, recently wrapped production on the long-running medical series. “My new hero I like much more: it is contradictory, but it is honest and honorable. Captain – a man of principle. I think I’m the same “, – says Dane. Steinberg confirms: “Like all Tom. Men are not averse to chat with him over a beer, women – go on a date. “

To get used to the way the captain Michael Bay, Dana took more than one week of intense physical and military training. However, according to the actor, the main tool for this transformation – the uniforms: “It seem taller, and contains exactly. It literally transforms you from the inside. “