Michael C. Hall : “The Dark companion lives in every” (Dexter)

Michael C. Hall : “The Dark companion lives in every” (Dexter)

Michael C. Hall :

Michael C. Hall answered questions from fans about the role in the cult TV series Dexter, creating the image of a charming maniac, his favorite movies and plans for the future. 

Why so warmly welcomed by the audience serial killer?

It seems to me that each of us is a dark companion, with whom we are constantly forced to fight. In today’s world, people often feel a loss of control over their own lives, and Dexter was able to take their destiny into their own hands. As for me personally, we’d really like. I also love to talk to himself.

Dexter and Hannibal Lecter – who will win if they run?

Dexter should be careful when it comes to blows. If Hannibal is without a mask, then use the first opportunity to bite his opponent. Why do not we remove them a spin-off? Let’s call Anthony Hopkins and try to organize a project in which our heroes were able to meet.

And if Dexter vs. Walter White? ..

I would put on Dexter, because he knows jujitsu. But Heisenberg, of course, impossible to cool villain …

Is it true that at one time you were selling knives?

Yes, those were hard times. Had to go home and ask people to buy a set of knives.Was in my life, only one job that I hated more. Once I had to get the seller for wholesale factory for the production of clothing. There is nothing worse than trying to sell people what they do not need.

Michael C. Hall : "The Dark companion lives in every" (Dexter)

How to shoot a scene with Harrison in a pool of blood?

Child really had to sit in a bright red liquid, but his mother all the time was near. We have tried to beat this scene so that everything that happens to the boy seemed only a new fun game.

For what role would you like to fight if born twenty years earlier?

I would like to play JR Ewing in the TV series “Dallas. It would be interesting to try himself in the image of Dr. Banner in “The Incredible Hulk» (The Incredible Hulk).

Were on the set of “Dexter” amusing incident?

One day I was not too successfully attempted to moor a yacht yourself Slice of Life,causing vessel damage amounting to about a thousand dollars. If I am not mistaken, this shameful moment even got into a collection of funny stories from filming.

Have you left yourself souvenirs from filming the series?

I kept only witness Dexter, his watch and shoes.

Your favorite rival Dexter …

Most of all I remember the two antagonists. First – Ice Killer because his relationship with Dexter were personal. But most of all I like the Trinity. John Lithgow – one of the greatest actors, who managed to create not just an awesome villain, and the exact opposite of himself. Working with him on the fourth season of “Dexter” has become one of the highlights of my career.

How many languages ​​do you speak?

Maintain a conversation I can only their native language. Speak “restaurant Italian” and already knew a few words in German, but now most of them rusty.

Do you like to work with Eric King?

In real life, Eric also did not like his hero. Viewers were interesting to follow the relationship Dexter and Doakes Sgt. It was a pity that he left the cast of the show, because I always liked the scenes together our heroes.

Michael C. Hall : "The Dark companion lives in every" (Dexter)

Tell us about the most bizarre meeting with the fans.

I have to be extremely adequate fans. Some, however, repeatedly asked to play the victim in our series Dexter … strange meeting once happened to me with my colleague. When I met Morgan Freeman, he told me: “I congratulate you with all your life by.” At that moment I felt as if Gd personally invited me in paradise.

Solve the puzzle. Dexter can kill / marry / sleep with Laila / Lumen / Hannah …

Hard choice, because my character was able to sleep with all three, and one even killed … make love with Lumen, kill Lyle and marry Hannah. Although I will not hide that I would like to do all the proposed options with all three girls.

What is your favorite movie?

It’s hard to choose just one. “The Big Lebowski,” “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and “grace of God”.

There is a theory that during the collapse of the yacht Dexter died, and the series finale is a hint of purgatory, which turned out to be concluded your hero.

The finale of the series can be interpreted in different ways. Personally, I think that our writers obviously did not plan to make the audience embraced ending this way.I was sad to realize that this story ends, but in self-imposed exile Dexter has a certain logic. His attempts to combine a normal life with the unquenchable thirst for murder were not successful, because in the end he destroyed everything he touched. I think Dexter is still in this “prison”, but he certainly has his hands begin to itch …

Who are the colleagues you want to work? 

With Christoph Waltz and Meryl Streep.

How’s mini-series God Fearing Man? 

We use sketches Stanley Kubrick to create this show. At the moment, the mini-series is in the earliest stages of work, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity to bring this ambitious project to life.