The Micro, the 3D printer really economic

The Micro, the 3D printer really economic


Success on Kickstarter for The Micro 3D printer proposal at a price of $ 299 for those who decide to help the project phase of financing.

That 3D printers are a growing trend, there are no doubts. Some models are already on the market and in the future it will debut increasingly, also produced by Italian reality as in the case of iNventOne . The only remaining obstacles to the diffusion of technology are price, still pretty high for the common user, and difficult to use for those without specific skills.

The project The Micro also want to break down these barriers, offering a simple device to use at a cost of $ 299. Launched on crowd funding platform Kickstarter , can be purchased at this early stage financing with an outlay is still decidedly low: $ 299, plus shipping. The initiative was immediately a great success, surpassing the goal of raising the $ 50,000 needed at the beginning of marketing, reaching $ 300,000 in less than a day. It is yet another concrete proof of how much interest there is in relation to the press in three dimensions.

It is the cheapest 3D printer in the world and can not be used out of the box. Perfect for beginners as well as for experts: just connect, download, or create a template, press a button and watch your creation come to life.

So reads the description of The Micro, which looks like a small colorful cube to be placed on the desk beside the computer. The speed will be one of the main strengths: as stated after receiving the printer will be able to produce the first 3D objects in less than an hour. The materials that you can use are strands of PLA and ABS, as well as nylon and other not yet specified by the project. The launch is scheduled for the fall. Below are some images from the official site.