23.01.2014 7:59

Microsoft pays positive feedback about its console Xbox One

The software giant from Redmond ready to do anything for the sake of promotion of its new game console Xbox One. Microsoft create advertising campaign codenamed «XB1M13». Popular videoblogeram began paying $ 3 for every 1,000 video views , which extol their gaming console .

To enlist the support of the maximum number of gaming bloggers , Microsoft signed an agreement with Machinima.com. This company owns the eponymous video portal and channel on YouTube, through which gamers from around the world publish their reviews on the web , letsplay, interviews with game developers , video news , as well as various creative projects . Site exists since 2000, and custom video was originally hosted on a server YouTube, and since 2012 part of the video was transferred to the company’s servers Gaikai, which, incidentally , recently acquired by Sony.

In order to earn extra money for their screenings of videos , bloggers just for at least 30 seconds to praise the console Microsoft, as well as games and services which are associated with it . Of course, there is an upper threshold of views, over that money will not be paid . To date, Microsoft has already paid users Machinima about $ 5,000 for more than 1.2 million views positively inclined toward Xbox One videos.


Machinima contract between Microsoft and immediately leaked to the internet and became public. Some of his many moments amazed audiences and caused a number of issues with regards to honesty similar campaign. For example , Microsoft requires that published the video contained a very positive feedback , and in any case not carried the slightest criticism or even comments about Xbox One. Also not recommended videoblogs owners indicate that their video is sponsored by Microsoft, so it will be very difficult to separate the truth from the “paid flattery”.  Of course, to disclose terms of the deal with Microsoft and nobody has the right not to spoil the reputation of the company.

The fact that Microsoft does not recommend to advertise the fact of payment for positive reviews, is contrary to U.S. trade law. Such a violation could lead to overhead for the corporation litigation , so, in the advertising campaign is paused briefly to make the necessary changes to the contract with its members . All videoblogery whose work is paid , will be required to continue to add to their video remark that this video is part of an advertising campaign Microsoft. Such a contract must fix to bring some clarity to the situation.

Quite strange to see such moves on the part of Microsoft marketers in light of the fact that they regularly share with journalists all new and new information about the success of Xbox One. The assurances of the company, the new prefix scatters off the shelves like hotcakes , and December sales surpassed its rival Playstation 4 in the United States . As it turned out later , Xbox One bypassed PS4 sales only because Japanese console has been completely sold out in virtually all commercial networks , and in the second half of December, it was simply nowhere to buy . But Xbox One, by contrast, can be purchased at almost any store .

Be that as it may , such a move Microsoft has attracted public attention and caused a lot of debate on the web. Company EA, which produces a series of games Battlefield, Sims and Need for Speed, decided to follow in the footsteps of their colleagues and Redmond said it is willing to pay videoblogeram $ 10 per 1,000 views video advertising their games . And you , dear readers, think of such advertising tricks from the big companies ?