Might & Magic X: Legacy – bad heredity

Might & Magic X: Legacy – bad heredity


Developers of Limbic Entertainment strange fancy “revival of the old school.” Might & Magic X: Legacy suffers from bad jumps complexity, primitive attempts to surprise the player and a long hike up and down, hoping to find the key thing. The creators did not even bother to borrow interesting findings from the claimed subject matter of imitation – Legend of Grimrock .

The first step is to gather a group of four heroes. Total proposed four races for three classes each.Distinctive features they have plenty, although specific deviations from tradition is not observed. Are born orc barbarians, shamans, wizards, elves, dwarves, archers and defenders. The authors have provided the opportunity to take pre-prepared squad.
Acquainted with the prehistory, the heroes fail in the spatio-temporal hole.
The whole world Might & Magic X, including cities and villages, consists of squares. Each step corresponds to moving one square. Turn fighters strictly ninety degrees. Free site inspection regime there, but practical use of it is not. The idea of ​​a “cellular universe” would be justified, whether the sequence of the game dungeons. However, there has to travel a lot, and with such rules, this process becomes the most enjoyable and very tedious.
Battles take place step by step, just like in the early parts of the series. Cost characters find themselves in close proximity to the enemy, as the battle mode is activated. Heroes freeze in place, begins an exchange of blows.
Initially, this “back to basics” is not particularly sad. Mastered skills available heroes and looks effective spells. Alas, but eventually turn into fights tyagomotinu.
Enemies grows armor, become healthier, have at their disposal the deadly attack, regenerate wounds and crush number. The farther the characters move forward, the more often they are faced with situations where hitting warriors and sorcerers, spells repeatedly blocked or never reach their destination. As a result, the battle delayed. It is highly probable that some minotaur send the entire batch to the light with a single blow, thinking thus, the outcome of a fifteen exchange pleasantries.And this can not be avoided at any level of complexity, even on easy.
Not less irritating nostrum developers, designed to give the game an element of surprise. Any action, whether an autopsy chest activation switch or invisible trigger causes that behind or under the noses of the characters appears squad enemies. It happens all the time in most dungeons, often repeated within the same floor and it happens even in the open field. Endless “And suddenly from behind a corner tank!” Do not add complexity, but forced maintained at every step, so that in case of trouble do not take long to re-fight.
In combat, you can not place the characters in two rows to hide behind flimsy knights wizards. This leads to the fact that the enemies attack the healer or magician, smear them with a couple of punches. Warriors remain without support, trying to taunt opponents, so they attacked them first, but it helps little. Again and again support dies. Reboots until cranky artificial idiot decides that it is better to thresh axes on the shields of knights. It is strange that the game designers have made a serious mistake. In the best of the genre (Legend of Grimrock and series Etrian Odyssey) formation – not news, but a means of survival.
Exploring the world fraught with fatal surprises. Decided to walk along the path in the woods – the robbers ran into a superstrong. Looked into the cave – were killed in the first run from the clutches of a monster. Turned the wrong way in the crypt – horde of ghosts ready to tear to pieces the characters. Choose a route through trial, error and reboots. Passes more than one hour, still manages to somehow build a plan of action.
Accustomed to the rules of the game can be fun. Universe Might & Magic X, large expanses are not happy, but full of secrets. Backpack gradually replenished powerful artifacts and elixirs. In dungeons should not only swing your sword, but also include ingenuity. Main and side missions to make raiding tombs, reflect on further actions and look for clues in conversations with ordinary citizens. Unraveling the mystery of the heroes gives new opportunities. Might & Magic X – unnecessarily cruel, but offers a weighty reward for their labors. Sorry, but no benchmarks often turns into long Throwing a key figure in the search.
Development system does not clamp heroes in a rigid framework. Of barbarian sorcerer do but to mold the mixture archer and a healer without a problem. The hero can be equally good in melee and ranged attacks. As before, to move up the career ladder should look for teachers and perform complex tasks in order to become perfect in one way or another skill.
The plot rarely rears its many events are served in a tabular format. In history there is no hint of originality. And wallow “adventurers who are destined to become a legend” in typical plots of power struggles.
Appearance Might & Magic X succinctly described by the word “pathetic.” Some models of monsters and dungeons design couples pleasing to the eye. Featureless world design, horrible texture, neglect shader effects and animation appeal twitching feeling of disgust. All this “beauty” (memorable the game step by step) also slows for no apparent reason.


The game is not hopeless. World, though small, surprising the interesting discoveries development system provides a lot of opportunities. But the spirit of adventure spoiled horrible balance complexity, the need to resort to a tedious trial and error, as well as rely on luck during fights because of underdeveloped combat mechanics. To this is added a couple of mediocre graphics with a dull story.
  • Interesting system development, allowing you to create heroes wagons
  • A lot of secrets, mysteries and amusing orders with prizes
  • Hackneyed plot with mediocre feed
  • Primitive methods of winding complexity
  • Abrupt complexity lead to annoying situations
  • Repeated with indecent frequency reception teleport behind enemies
  • Many battles are tight
  • Prolonged (for such mediocre graphics) load and performance issues