The militants of the “Islamic state” in two weeks in Syria executed...

The militants of the “Islamic state” in two weeks in Syria executed 700 people, most – civilians

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Militants from the group “Islamic state” executed about 700 people in the last two weeks in the eastern parts of Syria, according to Reuters, citing a human rights organization, “The Syrian Center for monitoring the observance of human rights” (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights).

According to the organization, the vast majority of Syrians killed by militants – civilians belonging to the tribe of Al-Sheitat living in the province of Deir ez-Zor. They were executed by cutting off the head.

The head of the tribe of Al-Sheikh Sheitat Rafaa Aakla Al-Rajhi called in a video message on Sunday other tribes to join the fight: “We appeal to the other tribes with an appeal to help us, because it will be their turn next.”

“Islamic State” – a radical Sunni Islamist group in recent weeks, which has taken control of a large territory on the border between Syria and Iraq. In recent months, significantly strengthened and, apparently, is now trying to plan attacks not only in the Middle East, but also against Europe and the United States, according to security officials the United States.

American intelligence also revises previous estimates of the size of the IG upward. Before the competent authorities of the United States believed that the ranks of the group of about 10 thousand. Fighters.

One of the security services United States called “Islamic State” at the moment “the most powerful military force” of the world’s terrorist groups.