Moan a midsummer night

Moan a midsummer night


Everyone had podnadoest beds, tables, window sills, washing machines, etc. – The word standard home sites for sex. Summer came, and with it came time to expand your location. Crazy, rugged and uletny sex is possible at any time.


The two got to the park, go for a leisurely hand. But then he just tightened his grip on her hand, and she looked at him a little more languid than usual, maybe even brought their entwined fingers to his mouth and licked his middle unnoticed. More is needed – already looking forward to the thrill of body shaking at the thought of nooks where you can retire. Where?

Do not ferris wheel looms in the center of the park?

Trying to hide the lust of the cashier, so that does not have flashed the thought that she especially today appetite, feel free to buy tickets to the attraction. Though you are grown up, but who said it was an excuse to abandon the pleasure? Close the door, along with lockers you unzip, and 30 seconds later your friend already enthusiastically examines views of the city, resting in his hands lightly misted glass. You yourself no less passionate. – You like to ride? – Oochen.

Of the minuses: girlfriend is afraid of heights, waving her children Mothers below, which you can set fire to (but more resentment for wheelchairs will not come, you will soon forget about), well, the question of confidence in the construction of this giant shovels still times that sometimes as- something strange creaks. Does not bother you? Then go high for Soul Plane orgasm!

If the park is helpful, for example, botanical, and to the wonders of mechanics local growers are skeptical, and here you can enjoy the most valuable thing they have – some rare avenue of trees or shrubs. Girl passionately held by the barrel, but not for yours and wood, its you cling to her flower. Came the day of reckoning for school jokes about pistils and stamens. To rarity seeds in fertile soil can add a drop of its symbolic.

Cons: curious kids who already know everything, but still a bit awkward; insects may also mating capable second own ecstasy easily fall on your head. Running out of loci squealing girl nude and sexy ass let most likely cause you to immediately leave the park, and yet you still do not have sex in a greenhouse visited.


Your sensual shkodnitsa in playful dress wants to ride on a boat? Fine. Peering closely, if there’s already some hot couple, swims in the zone weeping willows – ideal hiding place away from prying eyes. Let the girl sit on, his hands on his side. Dress will not give what you do, it may, of course, just a kiss, although something to hide – only an idiot would think so – any in your place would otzharil beauty as follows. So do not disappoint everyone. Can you help a friend from the bottom, holding her mouth with the lips or hand – silent, as the inhabitants of the pond beneath you, it will be much harder.

Cons: the boat you can hardly turn over, but get stuck at the shore can quite. Do not lose an oar, and that will put you to some fisherman. Incidentally, another minus – lurking near the shore anglers. But it is just what would have cost to keep quiet, where else can you see how this caught on a hook enticing fish.


Making love can be, in fact, until she chooses in the store that same dress for future boating. Stand face to face in the dressing room, even the leg is not necessarily bullying – high heels almost razed to you in growth. Entraining the roof angle of penetration and mirrors on all sides to make sex hotter than this entire summer day.

If anyone and not confuse four legs rising above through the hole under the door, then perhaps characteristic tinkling belt. Take it off, or let girlfriend squeezes buckle in his hand, trying not to moan. – Well, the size went up? – Ask the seller. – Oh, yes!


In the day you can climb into an empty kindergarten, preferably without protection and with a thicker wall, because you are going to ride freely on a swing. Choose the highest soot girlfriend so that may open your legs to the desired width, and swing, as it is not pumped in life. Narrowish seat – so piquant – let the girl polulyazhet and will throw your feet shoulder. Rather low swing? Put a sweater under your knees. In general, a lot of poses, would be a fantasy. As without it – because you remember childhood.

Quick and rough sex will help prevent stiff back, limbs, etc. The main thing is not to swing collapsed when suddenly want to ride together – unlikely in the group have a baby weighing more than 100 kg.


What if you get out for a walk was only late in the evening? Parks, shops and boat stations closed. Go to the embankment. Small bridge over you, but it would be enough to hide you from the light of lanterns and give you divine blowjob minutes. Past, of course, can suddenly shoot dashing cyclist, so that she does not have time to even raise their heads, but at this speed racer is unlikely to see anything, although a member of the mood of the guy just raised.

If too unbearable, while still far waterway – suitable and conventional building transition. In this case carefully with splinters on his ass. Oh, and try to sniff first before selflessly start kissing. The smell of urine, and even something worse, spoil the mood of any ardent, unless of course you are not fans of precious precipitation in the form of golden rain.


The ride home on the last bus. Salon empty conductress already beginning to see the dreams in the front seat. You, of course, sit on the rear. Oops, she dropped something. Backrest will hide the fact that her head moves up and down not from strong pitching. Wound on the arm hair, your moan of bliss to the sound of opening doors.


Cozy roof box with pizza, romance. In the dark, you will not notice, but you may well catch someone for quite unambiguous in the occupation of the house opposite. Well, the call is accepted.

Understood the matter, no heels – if fall, only each other’s arms. Bring a blanket, not to injure your knees and other more delicate places. Scratches on the back is not the case.


Well, in general, when and where you would not be, if you really really want, and sex or blow job would be too obvious, girlfriend masturbate you can simply hand while whispering hot innermost desires, promising his narrow ass or all parts of the body, which allow complete.

To not get clothes. No clues. How? You have all summer to learn.

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