15.04.2014 11:36

The best mobile apps for a long weekend

For a moment Easter picnic later. Are you going to be equipped with various types of applications to travel faster, more convenient and cheaper? Number of applications on smart phones surpasses the expectations of even the most demanding users. These, in the era of new technologies and the ubiquity of smartphones, arise like mushrooms after the rain. There are more and better designed, nicer and easier to use. Also in the tourism industry will see tremendous potential in their use. Thanks to them, we will book a ticket for a dream vacation and a hotel. Mobile maps, guides, calculators, currency, translators and dictionaries to help travelers better find a new place and definitely increase comfort.

The journey from smartphone

The growing popularity of mobile applications used in traveling shows rapidly increasing number of users who are using mobile devices to book tickets. – Traveling much more frequently than before booking airline tickets using mobile devices. Such a reservation can be done standing in line store, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment. It is therefore very convenient – tells Alexander Jakiel of Tripsta.pl. Increasingly, customers are also asked about the presence of wi-fi at airports, especially at the location – in hotels and holiday resorts. – In many cases, this is a decisive factor in the final decision on the place of detention of holiday – adds Jakiel. No wonder, since consumers accustomed to the use of technology every day, harder to give up cut from them when you leave. And although there are those who opt for the so-called digital detox (rest house of new technologies), few can completely cut off from news of social networks, and access to email.

Planning a trip and book tickets

– That’s smartphones and tablets will help us consolidate holiday memories (photos, videos) and are increasingly replacing heavy cameras – said Marcin Piekarczyk of OleOle.pl, online store with household appliances / electronics and consumer electronics. – In addition, thanks to the large amount of available appstorach applications that help in quick processing images (Pixrl, Photoshop Express, Photosynth) we are able to literally a few moments to present wonderful photographic memories from vacation and immediately share them on social networking sites even – adds Piekarczyk.

In preparation for the trip home, you can count on the help of dedicated search engines. Reliable service and prove Kayak or Skyscanner apps that allow you to choose the cheapest option to purchase the ticket. This is possible by comparing hundreds of airlines flight prices that the application collects in one place. With this type of applications will review the offers, hotels and rent a car. You can also subscribe to a specific flight, so you know if the plane does not have a delay (FlyTracker). Meanwhile Airbnb (service and application) will help a traveler find alternative accommodation for the more expensive hotels in more than eight thousands of cities around the world. Among the thousands of tenders will find a cozy small apartments, but also luxury apartments rented by private individuals.

In regard to the place of rest, before you leave, help urlopowiczowi Google Earth and Street View. Both apps are free. If you are not sure whether our chosen hotel or restaurant has a good reputation certainly will be useful free app Trip Advisor (coupled with social networking, as well as the application Kayak). Thanks to the recommendations, and assessments tourists know to what place we go, and are you sure your selection is correct. Among the opinion of people using data services and data hosting sites and we also find photos, made by the users themselves. As a result, we find that the real appearance of the hotel, guesthouse or resort differs from that shown in the advertising folder.

For people who do not like packing luggage on long-term leave will be helpful applications that facilitate the time-consuming process. This application will help you pack PackingPro not only of the user but also his entire family. The algorithm application will take into account the place of destination and the temperature prevailing in the place of our stay, food facilities, and even help determine the type of underwear, we should take with you. TripIt will organize the whole trip while using a single application. Thanks to reservations, tickets, discounts, routes and maps we have directly at hand.

During the rest

When we get there it is worth to equip itself with applications that help us “sense of direction”. For this purpose, we can use Google Goggles. This is an application based on the image recognition technology and graphic themes. If the user takes a photo with your phone, the app is able to recognize and locate a place. In the current version of the program also allows detection of many graphic themes, such as book covers and movies, advertising, famous works of art and architectural objects. In these places do not get up without a hint from the application that will show us the right direction. Google Maps, in the moment, one of the most popular applications, which not only show you the exact spot in which it is located, but also estimate the time to the point where we want to be. Will be useful both in the car and on foot.

On site will be irreplaceable, Google Translate, which is now able to translate phrases from 57 languages. XE Currency app, which is able to turn and to estimate more than 180 foreign exchange available around the world, it may be useful during foreign travels across many countries. Invaluable can also be applications that will show the user where the nearest hotspot. Although the country does not necessarily application will be useful (although it is worth to have a permanent, free access to the network), in the case of stay abroad is able to contribute to a strong reduction of phone bills that have waited for us after returning from holidays (WiFinder, WeFi Pro, Youth HotSpot-free WiFi).

For people who are focused on savoring local specialties created hundreds of applications and services recommending restaurants, bars, clubs, cafeterias. Importantly, the impact on their functioning is not only the creator of the application, but most of all you. With a network of recommendations you will discover exceptional places where not only know the new flavors, but also local customs (Foodspotting, Pingspot, Yelp!).