Moebius: Empire Rising – The Lost Symbol

Moebius: Empire Rising – The Lost Symbol


Moebius – is the return of Jane Jensen, who know and are still valued as an author Gabriel Knight. Before the release of Moebius she guided studio staff Phoenix Online, giving hints about the plot of the series Cognition. And then decided to go out on his own with a Kickstarter project.

Moebius protagonist named Malakai Rector, and its image is built in full compliance with the current high popularity sociopathic intellectuals. Malakal incredibly smart, has a fantastic memory, perfectly doing his job (he is an expert on antiques). Nor is it easy to forget to continually demonstrate contempt for others. One can imagine Sherlock from BBC constantly swallowing pills as Dr. House – this is such an exemplary way.

Since different tasks related to antiquities, Rector decides default in the two accounts, Jensen offered him another job. Malak with his great knowledge of history are asked to inquire about the murdered girl from a respectable Italian circles. Request comes from a secret American government organization. She wants to know: whether in the biography of the deceased relations with some famous historical figures. And then immediately included conspiracy theories.

But before the game would start to unwind flywheel plot, it will be necessary to survive the first impression of the picture.

Angular model, weird animation, ridiculous emotions and sudden bouts of strabismus and disfigure himself effeminate, and minor characters. In addition to this game scenes with few exceptions completely lifeless – either you spilling the wind curtains or flashing warm lantern light. Absolutely static, boring pictures. More on whether the budget is not enough, or studio technicians too fixated on the need to optimize the game for mobile platforms (iOS release on later) and so mercilessly saved resources.

Then I can not remember Dave Gilbert, founder of Wadjet Eye Games, which in a recent interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun answering the question “Why do not you finally will pass a three-dimensional image?” Said the following: “I know how to do 2D- image economical and beautiful. Besides, it will give more room for imagination and self-filling visual gaps. But if we switch to the three-dimensional graphics, the result will be horrible. “

Phoenix Online seems to be no stranger – she has experimented with graphics in Cognition. Seemed studio was needed to fill cones find the right approach, and they, along with Moebius Jensen will make it right. But no – the picture is still very rough. Reminiscent of the old days when adventure tried to move to three-dimensional engines and it turned out they badly. Someone does the necessary conclusions and comes on the old rake.

But back to the story.

Frankly, class Jensen felt. Moebius – is such an intellectual thriller. In scenario-based on the idea that individual sign personality reborn again and again, each time anew repeated its impact on the global course of events. So they determine the cyclical history. And, of course, if you know how to track the emergence of such characters as necessary and to influence them, you can control the course of history in general.

This idea is systematically revealed six small episodes that make up the game. Each of them is stronger winds intrigue, raises the stakes, zooms happening and a threat to the protagonist. In Moebius good geography locations: Manhattan, Venice, Cairo, Paris. Besides, Jane not only uses the symbolic places of classic adventure stories, but also cleverly (think Dan Brown) plays historical facts. In addition, it does not tire chatter – in Moebius good, concise, informative dialogue. For adventure games is extremely important.

But how the game designer Jensen at times worse than the writer.

Overall, the gameplay Moebius I would describe as “soft old-school.” Here we must be attentive to detail, be sure to talk to everyone on the counter all threads do not forget to check the smartphone protagonist (with the help of google it necessary facts and collects dossiers on suspects). Locations are small, but they almost always have to visit / inspect several times – then Malak will be a new topic for conversation with the key hero, he finally dare to take a subject that (at a slightly strange logic) did not allow the game to grasp and apply immediately.

Overall, the gameplay is well connected with the plot. That is, within the conventions of gaming action hero enough sanity and rational – that is good. But at the same gameplay, unfortunately, incredibly dry. Everything is happening too slowly and monotonously. In Moebius little unexpected unbanal or just ironic situations. And, in my opinion, does not work at the local deduction – moments when Malakal appearance determines his interlocutor important personal characteristics. The idea is that the game should prompt decision, but more often it just makes iterate options until you find the right combination of features. Sherlock did not feel, and working monkey.

And very bad ending. I said above that history consists of six episodes. In fact, there are seven. Just last chapter consists almost entirely of long walks on the same dull locations underground labyrinth. This phenomenally boring! This ending Moebius completely kills all the good experiences that caused possible before.

With all due respect to Mrs Jensen, effectively returning it failed. The real reasons you can guess, but the fact remains: we Moebius interesting idea, a good story, but as a game – it is very weak.

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