02.03.2014 9:52

Morgan Company will present in Geneva “charged” roadster

Famous British sportscar maker Morgan Motors is betting on a retro design of its coupe and roadster. In Geneva, will premiere the most powerful version of one of the models under the name Morgan Plus 4.

First in the lineup Morgan Plus 4 two-seater roadster with a four-cylinder engine and fabric uppers appeared in 1950 and was produced almost 20 years. Model resurrected in 1985, and the current generation came to light in another 20 years.

Now Morgan Plus 4 from a technical point of view is a kind of hodgepodge of units from reputable manufacturers. For example, as the engine roadster used two-liter “aspirated” Duratec from Ford, which develops 145 horsepower and 5-speed manual transmission borrowed from the British Mazda. C such units 870-pound retro roadster accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds.

In Geneva, Morgan Motors are going to provide more powerful modification roadster – according to the manufacturer, the most powerful in the history of the model. However, to what it returns results brought Ford’s motor, the British promised to report directly during the premiere.

It should be noted that the model number and Morgan has several models equipped with the eight engine from BMW. For a volume of 4.8 liters it develops 370 horsepower. For example, Morgan Aero Supersports with the engine spends acceleration to 100 km / h only 4.5 seconds.