7 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam

7 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam

7 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam – it is not only the capital of the Netherlands, but also a major tourist city, which annually visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors. For them, work a variety of museums. Intellectuals visit art exhibition, which presents rarities global significance. Lovers taboo not fail to look at the exhibition of torture, sex or drugs. It would seem that this is the limit of the human imagination, but there are even more most bizarre museums in Amsterdam.

1 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Museum of cheese

Surely many familiar phrase “Dutch cheese”. Visitors can get acquainted with the great diversity of varieties of dairy product cheese museum. It is located near the famous Anne Frank House. Museum transposes a two-story building, which houses a rich collection. All exhibits can try and buy a favorite with them. For each type of cheese served special wine to reveal all the nuances of the product: the taste, aroma and texture.

2 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Museum of cats

7 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam

There are people who love cats, and those who just love them. The latter include Bob Meyer, a former banker who is now the owner of the cat theme museum.

When his beloved pet JP Morgan went to cat heaven, he gave up the funeral, made of Fluffy scarecrow and put him on the top floor of his house. Then he started another 4 cats and turned his home into a museum. It is possible to get acquainted with the deceased pet, as well as plenty to stroke and feed the living. After talking with representatives of the fauna Bob invites you to the exhibition of paintings, photographs and old posters depicting cats.

3 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Museum of Bags and Purses 

This museum will especially enjoy the fair half of mankind, who can not live without stylish handbags and purses. This accessory is not limited to exposure. She also exhibited purses, bags, purses, clutches – in short everything, where you can put the necessary things and take them with you.

There are ancient and modern instances of famous designers.

4 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Museum chess Max Euwe 

Max Euwe – an outstanding mathematician, grandmaster and the fifth world champion in the sports history of the game. Resplendent genius of this man dedicated to the whole museum. Here you can explore the milestones of life chess player, see pictures from the event. But not only that attracts visitors. On the first floor are exhibited the most diverse in form and material chess – from miniature bread for a pleasant stay in jail until copies of precious metals, generously studded with stones.

5 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Dutch funeral museum

It is located in a comfortable suburb of Amsterdam, which is easily accessible by public transport.

The museum is located in the cemetery and the house occupies the former caretaker of this dark place.

The collection is very rich. Explore the funeral traditions in different countries of the world, attributes of death, learn more about the rituals of burial.

There is a cafe and gift shop.

6 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Museum points

7 most bizarre museums in AmsterdamThis museum is located in the store ophthalmologist, who in the 19th century was producing glasses for visually impaired residents of Amsterdam. Since the situation has changed little: cabinets, counters and shelves are intact in their original locations. Artifacts on display makes it possible to find points of evolution over the past 700 years.

Independently placed glasses that belonged to famous people, such as Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello.

The museum has a small shop where you can buy or eccentric classic pair of glasses for everyday life.

7 most bizarre museums in Amsterdam – Museum tubes 

In a state where the use of certain drugs, including marijuana, is not prohibited, the existence of the museum, enlightened smoking is natural.

Here are exposed pipes, hookahs, cigarette holders and other attributes associated with smoking and keeping everything turns into a fragrant and sometimes intoxicating smoke most bizarre museums in Amsterdam.