Something about the movie “Escape Plan”

Something about the movie “Escape Plan”


Always have a plan “B”

Movies about escapes from prison – is an example of a very exciting movie, which keeps in suspense from beginning to end. Always interesting to see how the main characters are exploring the smallest details, are working on a plan and finally escape. I love these movies, but unfortunately not so much. Standard screen jailbreak I think the first season of the show «Prison Break», but the series has a series, there’s much more timing, but all fit into one movie, and so it was just fun, that’s the main question. For the project “escape plan” I watched for a long time, primarily attracted prison itself, which will put our hero, and of course the return of classic action hero, our favorite Arnie and Sly.

Something about the movie "Escape Plan"

The plot of the film is applied very smooth and interesting, actually tie itself offers nothing supernatural, but in the film there is a large number of plot twists, some of them will be expected and some unexpected. All this diluted powerful action-component mixed with great humor and cute characters.

The place itself is action, namely super modern and fancy prison “Tomb” deserves some compliments. We’ve never seen, and it definitely adds a picture of loyalty points. Entourage “Tomb” was very grim: transparent chamber, where are you all to see, full observability, masked guards and seemingly absolute hopelessness of it all makes not just think about how you can escape from here.

The film “escape plan” was no exception to it similar to the pictures, here as there is a certain percentage of the voltage, some scenes are imbued with them so that the knuckles whiten on the arms of the chair. Hero Sylvester Stallone tactical genius, as he reveals the little things is like a smile with approval and sarcastic laughter, because only he can determine important information about the direction of the water in the toilet bowl and improvised devices. Generally, the film is worth praise, if only for the fact that it is not a very predictable, it’s not trying to guess what will happen next, but just look at his pleasure, and that I really liked.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character has turned out some really very good, despite the fact that he always has someone to person, but it really has it. And towards the end of the picture will be quite entertaining moment with him, except to say that there is present his signature look great gun and «slow motion», in the best tradition, so to speak. Just wanted to highlight the hero James Caviezel, he really came this role and he coped with her ​​five points. He turned out such an uncompromising and prudent, and most importantly a very intelligent host prison, which begins quietly hate.

If run on the shortcomings of the picture, you probably should mention that little attention was paid to the past Ray Breslin, because we still need to know how he became who he is. Just improperly convicts, because if this prison hidden the most dangerous people on the planet Earth, then they should look appropriately, and some absolutely thugs in the film you do not see, but that if it is absolutely quibble.

As a result, we have a film that will be interesting for all the fans of the star duo, and for fans of this genre of films. “Escape plan” – is vastly entertaining and fascinating film that will not leave anyone indifferent.

8 out of 10