In Munich, started another “Oktoberfest”: the organizers hope to sell 7 million...

In Munich, started another “Oktoberfest”: the organizers hope to sell 7 million liters of beer

In Munich, started another

The biggest beer festival “Oktoberfest” in the 181st time was launched in the German Munich (federal state of Bavaria). By tradition, at noon (14:00 MSK). Terezino meadow was uncorked a 200-liter drum with freshly-brewed beer, and that marked the beginning of the festivities.

“Oktoberfest” in the current year will last until October 5. Organizers hope that during this time the festival will visit more than 6 million people, will be sold over 7 million liters of beer and more than 200 thousand Bavarian sausages – traditional snack. The cost of beer this year ranged from 9.70 to 10.10 euros per liter, according to ITAR-TASS.

Last year, the 180th anniversary “Oktoberfest” Been around 6.4 million people, has sold 6.7 million liters of beer. During the festival, sought medical treatment 7.5 thousand visitors.

For the first time, “Oktoberfest” held October 12, 1810 on the occasion of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. Subsequently, a beer festival was held almost every year. 22 times he was canceled for a very good reason: because of the war, epidemics of cholera or hyperinflation 20-ies of XX century.

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