Museums Coca-Cola, which is worth a visit

Museums Coca-Cola, which is worth a visit


Yesterday marked the western world not only Victory Day, but also the birthday “Coca-Cola” – began to produce its May 8, 1886. We will tell you about the museums where you can learn interesting facts about the history of this popular beverage.

Museum of Coca-Cola in Atlanta

If tailwind accident has brought you to Atlanta, where in 1886 was born the favorite drink of millions of people on our planet, be sure to check out the Baker Street, 121. Museum “World of Coca-Cola”, opened in 2007, instead of the modest trehetazhki no longer cope with the endless stream of fans, it’s hard to name just a museum. This is a huge interactive complex where pharmacist John Stith invention Pemberton built a cult. Although the tour of the area more than 80,000 square meters only lasts half an hour, here you can easily spend the day and not having time to get bored. Showcase with modern fridges replaces showcase with rarity machines, for the hall, which shows the birth of a drink-crowd favorite, followed by the exhibition labels, collected from all over the world, and a unique collection of torches, flown with the Olympics. To the joy of the kingdom kids Coca-Cola wanders our old friend of Christmas movies – a great big white bear. A little further, in a large room with round-guns columns, gratuitously, that is a gift, distributed all kinds of beverages produced by plants corporations in different countries. Learning how not very useful sweetness managed to make a flight into space, and examined a small production line, touch the capsule with a secret formula and end the tour in a free theater.

In 1886, John Pemberton, exulting, rubbing his hands, selling a dozen portions of his drink and earning as much as 50 cents per day. Much water has flowed since the world first heard the slogan syrup of coca cola. Coca-Cola Corporation has reached unprecedented heights: for just a moment, our contemporaries are absorbing more than 8,000 glasses of its main product. Fizzy drink goes with a bang on the territory of 206 countries and in 28 of them work, bringing incredible profits, production units. In 2012, when Coca-Cola Company celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its operations in Ukraine, in the village of Bolshaya Dymarka near Kiev was opened interactive museum. The creators claim – is not only the largest but also the most interesting “house cola” throughout Europe. Exhibition on the history of the brand celebrated, equipped with the latest technology. Why are there only! Colorful labels in all languages โ€‹โ€‹of the world serve as the backdrop for branded bottles that have become American idols on a par with the Statue of Liberty. In the museum you can try to catch virtual fish, looking in depth interactive lake, or to match the size of a little man 3D volume created on a huge geliodisplee with the projector. Magical World of Coca-Cola never ceases to amaze. For fans of creative contests often long-awaited award – the whole compartment drink.

Museum in Yekaterinburg

Since 1998, when engaged in manufacturing Yekaterinburg not diet, but very tasty pop, plant Coca-Cola Hellenic lived not one production. By popular request the company regularly organizes cultural and educational activities and organized free tours of the workshops where the famous bottled drink. In late November last year, when demand has broken all records in the factory building on sorting was started the first museum in Russia, “Coca-Cola“. While this modest exposure is hardly a full show, but here it is still interesting to look any self-respecting fan of the drink. In a small room has collected many items related to the history of the brand. Museum walls are literally covered with advertising posters, glorified Pemberton invented the mixture all over the world, and one of them painted a pharmacy located Jacob in Atlanta, where he first began selling drink from tree nuts and coca cola, designed to get rid of nervous ailments. Behind the glass display cases are dozens of all kinds of vessels: there are a series of collectible bottles and Karl Lagerfeld limited edition created for the Beijing Olympics, the New design and capacity of the Soviet “Fanta”. The museum presents a complete collection of branded and white bears, and the Olympic torch, and even retro fridge.