Museums that are worth visiting with children

Museums that are worth visiting with children


If you go on a trip with the kids, be prepared that your excursion program will consist of desertions from the playground to the ice-cream parlors. But do not despair: there are many in the world of museums, able to surprise everyone, from small to large.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, USA

Area of ​​the world’s largest exhibition center for children, is located in a place where all roads lead America is nearly 4.4 hectares, and its collection of more than 120,000 exhibits. Why not just find five floors Children’s Museum of Indianapolis: there is a real locomotive and pushes cars in Madison, and the 13-meter kaleidoscope, and dinosaur skeletons. The exhibition, divided into Corner Natural History, World Culture Zone and the American group, everyone will find something interesting. In biolab can easily grow your garden or cook a special jelly in the House health – brush your teeth T-Rex, and to provide the correct lunch, and Carousel desires – to climb into a tree house and explore the mirror maze. Do not hope for a moment of rest: you are waiting for a planetarium and dive into the bowels of the Earth, a virtual trip to China and visit in the future, the conquest of the mountain peaks and training in studio arts. The guests of the museum unfold flight of the Wright brothers and the excavations of Egyptian tombs, meeting with tyrannosaurs and pirate battles.

Toy Museum, Prague

Even falling from fatigue child will not pass the pointer leading to the museum of toys in the Czech capital. Ancient tower, like a long-haired Rapunzel prison modestly peeping from behind the broad back of a blacksmith, worker over iron mace. For a massive metal door rises, creaking old wooden steps, stairs to the country a happy childhood, presented the world collector Ivan Staiger. For each glass showcase former orphanage revives its fabulous history. In one cavern come to gatherings all international community of teddy bears – from the gray old men of the XIX century to the handsome Teddy. In neighboring puppet kingdom too bored: on a tiny medieval kitchen laden with old utensils, cooked the family dinner, and before the mirror luxurious boudoir getting ready for the ball, a beautiful young lady. In the Toy Museum has a miniature train station and a small copy of Prague attractions, and a fire station, and a tiny zoo. And its main treasures – a corner of “Star Wars” and the world of Barbie dolls, numbering a few hundred inhabitants. Establishment, located on the street Jirska, 4 in Prague 1, is open every day from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Children’s Museum Zoom, Vienna

Austrian Museum Zoom, placed in the center of Vienna, not for nothing is the best children’s institution in Europe. Its interactive exhibits designed for young audiences from 8 months to 14 years, will not leave anyone indifferent. You can learn to draw, imagining themselves Picasso, sew designer clothes or have a fashion show, taking the example of Versace, write your own song or take the author’s film. While older children carved his masterpiece, waiting karapuzov Area Zoom Ocean, aimed at early development and involves all the senses simultaneously. The museum is in step with the times: his exposition changed almost every month, and in the children’s Information Bureau can get any information – on the price of baby food to booking sightseeing tours. Find Viennese “Palace of Pioneers” will not be difficult: it is located in the Museum Quarter, without which no visit to do any one tour. And while the children under the supervision of the Austrian animation reveal deeply hidden talents, you too can spend time with benefits – the museum is near the iconic Zoom Mariahilfer Straße.

Junibacken, Stockholm

“Adults never really fun,” – stated Pippi Longstocking. “But it should not be”, – said fellow genius and Astrid Lindgren created in the heart of Stockholm’s beautiful world of her stories, where there is always a fun and miracles happen. In the central square of the town settled miraculous favorite characters: Pippi and indefatigable man in the prime of life, the daughter of Emil and Roni robbers of Lenninbergi. Miracle Train, otchalivaya from Vimmerbyu, begins a journey across the country, created illustrations for books by Astrid Lindgren. Each stop it will be a pleasant surprise: you look at the countryside Kathult where Ida “worked” flag, sweep over the rooftops of Stockholm and find yourself in a monastery Carlson. In the forest you will meet Mattis dashing robber and the country Nangiyale – a decisive battle with the dragon. The villa, which was ruled by Pippi, you can spend the day riding horses or playing hopscotch, and a local restaurant – become a party to unusual ideas and try a delicious ice cream. Believe in Yunibakene bored! There are representations of live theater, interactive exhibits and fun workshops, the schedule of which can be found

Museum of Charles Perrault, France

Beautiful castle in the valley of Chevreuse, where more than a century noble family lives Breteuil, though descended from ancient tapestries. Amazing garden, magnificent portraits of the aristocracy, written by renowned painters and antique furniture few people remain indifferent. But for the castle façade another miracle: here live fifty characters of fairy tales by Charles Perrault. In rooms where the first celebrity guest storyteller, unfold the most intense scenes. For huge door hiding sinister Bluebeard Bluebeard, stairs loses crystal shoe future princess Cinderella, and held a feast in the kitchen fairies. The castle has a bedroom and Sleeping Beauty, which is about to happen binding tales kiss and Area, where the family settled Boy Thumb and wonderful maze where merged into the Prince and Cinderella dance. All fabulous kingdom runs cunning Puss in Boots: he directs servants throwing toque, conducts the orchestra musicians cats, watching how the harness-pumpkin carriage and dress up aristocrat. The residence Breteuil magic never ends: Easter eggs here and hide the decorated theater unfolds, and arranged a fabulous Christmas feast.