Nanga still unconquered winter

Nanga still unconquered winter


Nanga Parbat On the ninth highest peak on Earth, to 2003 there was 200 inputs, while gaining the summit until 61 climbers died. Despite many attempts, has never managed to get it in the winter. When will that be?

In today’s era of development of science and technology would seem that the man is no longer impossible, places where he could not reach.

Nature, however, still surprises: Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest peak on Earth, again, was not conquered in winter.

History of the conquest is primarily a struggle of German climbers. This summit Nanga Prabat extremely difficult to obtain and dangerous attempts to get to 2003 claimed 61 victims.

This winter, the mission went for 11 Polish expedition, this time co-operating with the Italian and German: expedition “Justice for All – Nanga Dream” by Schell on the south-eastern wall of the Rupal. Group of mountaineers Uponownie was forced to terminate their activity on Nandze, withdrew from a height of 7200 meters. Emilio Precita says that the main reason for this decision were unfavorable weather conditions and altitude sickness.

Many experts in the field of mountaineering and mountaineering was of the opinion that the Polish expedition can achieve something that so far has already been attempted 22 times: Nanga Parbat peak gain.

Is man really dominates over nature and has control over it? Is the contrary, it revolves around the life of nature, it is determined?

One thing is certain – you never cease to strive to triumph, we will continue to walk where there was still a nobody. Nanga Parbat is taken, that’s for sure. The only question is – when?