As NASA looks forward to continued cooperation with Russia, has threatened to...

As NASA looks forward to continued cooperation with Russia, has threatened to extend the agreement to abandon ISS


The United States looks forward to continued cooperation with Russia on the International Space Station (ISS), the director of manned space flight programs at NASA’s Sean Fuller.

“We created a wonderful laboratory in orbit, and we hope that the use of its capabilities will be available after 2020 and to get the best results and to move forward in space exploration and testing of new technologies,” – said Fuller. The announcement came less than a month later, after the head of NASA Charld Bolden stressed that in the case of Russia’s refusal to extend the agreement work in space will continue to work with other countries.

Ukrainian crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of the American space agency had previously said the director of Space Center. Lyndon Johnson – Mike Cote. He recalled that Russia increased postage on the ISS to $ 71 million and that for every two NASA astronaut falls on three Russians.

On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that funding for the participation in the ISS program covers more than 30% of the budget of Roscosmos and profit participation in the program brings very little. “While we do not see a commercial sense if we were offered other conditions (could be considered)” – quoted Deputy Prime Minister . Rogozin said then that Russia will fulfill its obligations until 2020, but to extend participation in the project after this date no plans.

Meanwhile, The Houston Chronicle writes that Rogozin playing trumps, emphasizing the vulnerable position of the United States. In May, Twitter Vice Premier sarcastically suggested that Americans take its astronauts into orbit by the trampoline.

“ISS – a sensitive place for Americans, however, and went to close the conversation … And so here, everyone understands that flood the station after five years is inappropriate. Zipping ISS – and the result is that manned space program for 10 years will go on forced leave” – said a source in the Russian Space Agency, noting that the issue with NASA has not been finally resolved.

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