31.05.2014 7:38

NATO defense budgets will be revised, the Pentagon announced

NATO member countries will review their military spending because of the actions of Russia in Ukraine , AP reported on Saturday , citing the head of the Pentagon Chuck Hagel .

Hagel compared the actions of Russia in Ukraine with ” utters sharp sound gong ” forced NATO to intensify , “Interfax ” .

The U.S. administration earlier urged partners in NATO to increase military spending and expand cooperation in the security field. Hagel called Russia’s actions as “provocative ” and said they ” will force NATO countries to reconsider their defense budgets .”

The head of the Pentagon acknowledged that a significant part of Russia withdrew troops from the border with Ukraine.

On the western border of the Russian Federation sent the latest modification of Strike Fighter MiG-31

Modern MiG – 31BM intrudes on the protection of Russia ‘s western borders in the Tver region , “Interfax ” referring to the Defense Ministry.

” In the near future interceptors will step up alert on the air space of the Russian Federation” , – said the press service of the WEST .

New combat vehicles already made independent flight to their permanent home at a military airfield in the Tver region .

MiG-31BM development and production of the Russian Aircraft Corporation ” MiG ” – double supersonic all-weather fighter – long-range interceptor . “BM ” – a modern upgrade for the Russian Air Force by 2020 will thus be retrofitted about 60 fighters of this type. Target detection range – 320 km range of fire is 280 km . Onboard radar system is capable of simultaneously detecting up to 24 air targets , eight of which can be simultaneously fired missile- aircraft.