NATO still do not see the withdrawal of Russian troops from the...

NATO still do not see the withdrawal of Russian troops from the border with Ukraine, despite Putin’s decree

NATO still do not see the withdrawal of Russian troops from the border with Ukraine, despite Putin's decree

The commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove said that the Alliance does not see significant movement of Russian troops from the Ukrainian border. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the return of Russian troops involved in the exercise not far from the Ukrainian border, in places of permanent deployment. But in fact, according to military officials, this is not happening.

In an interview with AP, General Breedlove said that NATO is closely monitoring the situation in the Russian-Ukrainian border. According to him, there is much to talk about Russia’s intentions, but in reality “a very significant group remains on the border and still has the ability to log on to the east of Ukraine, if such a decision is finally made.”

Gen. Frank Gorench, who heads the joint command of the USAF and NATO in Europe, in turn, confirmed the words Bridlava: “The fact is that while there is only an application for withdrawal of troops, and the actions are the same.” “In today’s environment policy decisions without actions are just words,” – he added.

“We would welcome the withdrawal of troops from the border, and we look forward to what will happen,” – said Breedlove.

Note that on Saturday, October 11, after a meeting with members of the Russian Security Council, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the Supreme Commander of the completion of the summer training period at the sites of the Southern Military District, and then Vladimir Putin ordered the military to return to their winter quarters.

Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko noted that Vladimir Putin has already withdrew its troops from the border with Ukraine, after this tragedy occurred in Ilovaiskaya, therefore, in his opinion, the Kremlin from the project “New Russia” refuses. “I am sure this is not the last Russian military exercises on the border with Ukraine, it will be necessary – Putin will start new.” – He said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry criticized by Philip Bridlava statements about the Russian troops. In mid-September, NATO general said that “10 of the Russian battalion tactical groups that were on the territory of Ukraine, four stays there.” In Russia, called these statements “frivolous”: “Four battalions of troops with technology – not a needle in a haystack. Not to mention the supposedly were there the week before ten battalion tactical groups.”

Add that Breedlove accused Russia of using the hybrid scenario of war against Moldova. According to the general, it is as if the “little green men” – the military in the form of unmarked – helped the separatists to change the military-political situation in Ukraine. “We are starting to see the same scenario in Moldova and Transnistria”, – stressed the general.