NBC has announced the dates of autumn returns and Prime

NBC has announced the dates of autumn returns and Prime


NBC unveiled their date of return series and the long-awaited release of new products. In particular, it became known that the criminal detective thriller The Blacklist returns with a second season on September 22 and the premiere of the fourth season of the detective fantasy drama Grimm is scheduled for October 24. 

In addition, spectators waiting for a new show – fantasy horror “Constantine» (Constantine) from director Neil Marshall. “Constantine,” also will be aired on October 24, right after Grimm.” 


Recall that this series is based on the comic book series Hellblazer in 1988 and is a television adaptation released in 2005 film by Francis Lawrence – “Constantine: Dark Lord.” 


The plot twists around a seasoned hunter of demons, occultist John Constantine (Matt Ryan), who for many years led the unequal struggle against the forces of darkness. Recently, however, he abandoned his good lesson, because his soul is still cursed and burn her in hell with a blue flame. Back to the same old life prompted his old friend’s daughter – a girl named Liv (Lucy Griffiths), to which the demons began their hunt. In saving Liv protagonist regains sense of his own life, and thus damned evil better hide deep in their burrows.