NEC MultiSync EX341R Review: curved and very large monitor

NEC MultiSync EX341R Review: curved and very large monitor

NEC MultiSync EX341R Review: curved and very large monitor

Just five years ago the monitors with a diagonal of 24-27 inches were huge, but today’s released monitor NEC MultiSync EX341R with a diagonal of 34 inches is perceived quite calmly. The reason that this kind of monitors are in high demand. Also they are very comfort – on the big screen more pleasant to watch movies, work with documents or programs for video editing, more pleasant to play games or just sit on the Internet.

Of course, to buy NEC MultiSync EX341R for surfing the internet does not worth it, because the gadget will cost you a thousand dollars. It is quite expensive and usually take such a gadget for more complex tasks. In fact, new monitor is positioned as a device for office work with maximum comfort – documentation, e-mail, editing, photo processing.

And now let’s talk about the specifications and other features NEC MultiSync EX341R.

NEC MultiSync EX341R Review: curved and very large monitor

NEC MultiSync EX341R: Specifications

The monitor NEC MultiSync EX341R is based on the SVA matrix with a diagonal of 34 inches. Excellent, colors, brightness, contrast, viewing angles, the monitor provides the best quality. Resolution images of 3440 x 1440 pixels, an aspect ratio of 21: 9. Mark is that the contrast ratio reaches 3000: 1. This is a very good indicator, because usually the monitors offers 1000: 1.

NEC MultiSync EX341R Review: curved and very large monitor

However, the type of matrix affected the response time – 5 ms. It means that you cannot comfortably play shooter or MOBA games on this monitor. In addition, the monitor has 99.5% coverage sRGB color space, as well as 77,5% NTSC color coverage. This suggests the possibility of working with photos or video content at a sufficiently high level of quality. Based on this, you can already understand the purposes for which the monitor NEC MultiSync EX341R can be taken.

NEC MultiSync EX341R: Design

NEC has never really tried to stand out bright design. The inserts made of shiny plastic and the body of this product is also created with a focus on usability and ease of use.

Frames on the right, left and above are minimized, below there is a panel with a logo and indicators. Stand round, stable enough flat, so that it is possible to put a mobile phone or notebook, for example. Leg quite stable and have been made taking into account the wobbly table in the office and at home. The whole body matte color, black and dirty it is unreal.

NEC MultiSync EX341R: Features

Let’s start with the fact that the monitor NEC MultiSync EX341R has USB 3.0 hub with four outputs. It is terribly handy in case if all the ports on the computer are busy or it is not particularly convenient to travel constantly.

NEC MultiSync EX341R Review: curved and very large monitor

You can connect the monitor to computer with DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4, as well as you can directly connect your headphones to the monitor. The monitor NEC MultiSync EX341R itself has a light sensor and motion, it allows it to automatically adjust the brightness level, just like smartphones. There are also built-in speakers, but they are terrible quality, honestly.

NEC MultiSync EX341R: Conclusion

The price NEC MultiSync EX341R is $1000. Yes, it is quite expensive, even for today’s market. But, you cannot find something cheaper with such a diagonal and features. Also you should not forget that NEC is a technique for professionals and it is always worth the money. The manufacturer recommends this monitor for financiers and businessmen, but we can safely recommend it to designers, video editors and those who work with photos. It is a pity, but NEC MultiSync EX341R does not fit perfectly for gamers.

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