What is needed for successful work at home?

What is needed for successful work at home?

What is needed for successful work at home?

Freedom of movement and lack of dress code – a huge advantage remote work or freelancing. But the combination of home walls with labor threatens to reduce your space efficiency closer to the sneaker. How not to become a hostage relatives squares?How to organize the work at home? How to take on tasks, to spend on their performance minimum amount of time?

In this article, we recall the simple things and nuances of working from home, which will give impetus to your productivity.


Service – one of the most hated, but at the same time the necessary items in any home.It was his first you hear every morning, even if you do not want that. Human nature means keeping daily lifestyle, so our body is programmed to react to sunlight. Your body is “factory”, as soon as you hear a slight whispering lights: “It’s time to get up.”

So stop split hairs with cunning electronic alarm clock, making you swing your phone or run out into the street to turn the sound off. Set the alarm, simulating sunrise . The gradual increase in the brightness of the screen as you approach the time lifting the bed may be the most gentle way to wake up.


Does not need to buy expensive exercise bike or treadmill which everything else and keep is not very convenient. But a couple of simple things you must have for a workout.Yoga mat, dumbbells or rope always help stretch your muscles and get away from work.Everything else, you have no excuses not to engage in the development of his body due to the fact that the drag at trenazhёrku under prolonged rain quite lazy.


Even the most successful people need a kick in periodically to reveal an idea or simply take up the chore. A good book just may become the motivator.

What is needed for successful work at home?

Pages filled with real-life examples to achieve difficult goals, failures and self-improvement packed cones, Herculean efforts to overcome obstacles will stand you in good stead during the period of creative stagnation and help break the link with a sofa.


Even if you do not belong to the lucky ones, to earn their bread at home, you still ever had to pull their tails, bringing the work of the community. But fruitful work in the “hothouse” atmosphere precedes search hiding place where no one and nothing will distract from the goal. Work in a safe haven really shortens tasks.


There are three types of goals: long-term (eg, for the whole year), short-term (for specific projects) and daily (responsible for monitoring the vital issues). But even in this high-tech age of the paper remains the primary means of document and fixing problems.Many successful people write down all three types of goals handwritten notebooks or small pads are placed in the back pocket.

What is needed for successful work at home?

Telephone and Internet

Returning to our advanced times, it is difficult to overestimate the role of telephone and access to the web in productive work. If you experience recurrent instability of the selected mobile operator or Internet service provider, make sure you connect to other communication channels. For example, the main channel can be expensive and unlimited, and the sub – cheap and billing. It may be worth to abandon Wi-Fi-connection in favor of a conventional cable.


You have heard about the health risks associated with prolonged sitting at a computer.Competent organization of the workplace can reduce the risk of problems with vision and backbone. Table height, comfort chair, screen angle, the light source, the location of the keyboard – all the details you should consider once and qualitatively. Of course, we should not forget that the regular ascent of a desk chair and a warm-up not only relieve back pain and save your eyes from myopia , but also improve your brain activity.

Board for notes

Improve your home office cork board. This is an effective method of improving the understanding of the task and its implementation.

Break the goal into steps, providing each of them records and supplies. For example, business cards, phone numbers, diagrams, printouts. Visual representation purposes is widely used by many successful people and teams.

Healthy Eating

Refrigerator filled with healthy food – a true ally of successful work. Only a healthy body nurtures a healthy mind. A healthy body is to eat healthy food. Minimal consumption of fast food and more – a balanced natural foods will charge your body with energy for productive work for the day.

Kitchen table

It is not necessary to integrate the workplace to the kitchen table. Thus, you lose the balance between work and home, which will certainly affect the psychological and emotional perception of the walls. Try to find a dedicated space where you and your family will eat for together and discuss things that are not related to work.


We are haunted by the screens. Monitor, TV, tablet, mobile phone. There is an extremely unbalanced situation, when you look at the screen a total of 45 minutes during each working hour. Therefore it is very important to have a hobby that is not associated with watching movies or playing computer games. Find an interesting hobby for yourself, which is associated with manual work. Painting , musical instrument, gardening, woodworking – options postrabochey therapy a lot.

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