Neil Patrick Harris: “I bet on you, Sven Jorgen Finistère”

Neil Patrick Harris: “I bet on you, Sven Jorgen Finistère”

Neil Patrick Harris:

Neil Patrick Harris, who this year will be the master of ceremonies Award “Oscar”, is known for his vivid and memorable performances.

In addition, the actor is not without a sense of humor! Recently on his page on Twitter appeared a short video in which Neil Patrick Harris says:

This morning became known nominees for the “Oscar”, and that means only one thing: I just lost 20 bucks. Here, Harper.

With these words, the actor sends money to her 4-year-old daughter, whose face appears quite funny expression. Baby do not forget to thank the benefactor, murmuring happy “Thank you!”.

I put to you, Sven Jorgen Finistere. Best design credits of the film in a foreign language,

– Finished ominous voice Neil Patrick Harris.

After these words, there is little doubt that the movie has become a common joke – this name, and even more so the category does not exist.

Neil Patrick Harris: "I bet on you, Sven Jorgen Finistère"

Edition of E! Online hopes that so Neil Patrick Harris preparing for the ceremony and makes a list of fun and interesting components of the show.

Most of the show – the losers. There are five candidates, but only one will take the award. It turns out that the course of action in the hall is becoming more unhappy people. Therefore, the main task of the leader – to understand how to be funny, but at the same time, the usual to the show could go on, but no one remembered the bitterness of defeat, and enjoy the evening,

– Shared with the publication of Neil Patrick Harris.

Also, the actor posted a new promotional video of the forthcoming ceremony to be held on 22 February. Look!