New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

The 10 days in the normal use mode – promise us on the official website. And, of course, they exaggerate … 10 days a new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 can work only as a dealer, but if you load it with more and internet, then, this time, will be reduced (but still are impressive). In a review of most of the tests, I paid it and check the battery. Only research ACB opportunities I have spent more than a week and now I can share with you the results.

According to the characteristics, it does not differ from the younger model Oukitel K4000. Sometimes I will compare these smartphones, as well as other models with large batteries that I had.

Packaging and appearance: new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000

All models Oukitel smartphones have the same bright orange box on the bottom of a sticker with the characteristics.

Included in addition to cable and charging can find headphone and headset OTG adapter. Special key provided to remove the tray.

The body or rather the materials from which it is made is the dignity of an individual smartphone. Aluminium frame and back cover of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 look very serious. Behind the top and bottom of the plastic insert have better signal reception? Metal housing significantly increases the strength and durability of the smartphone, and purely visually looks better than plastic. In winter, however, it revealed an unexpected feature of this case – the metal cools quickly in the cold and keep it in your hand is cold.

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

Compared to K4000 smartphone has become larger in size. Screen size increased from 5 to 5.5 inches. The size and the non-removable battery are allowed to establish a high-capacity battery. But interestingly, the weight has increased quite a bit; new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 formed only 10 grams. The front part of the fashionable 2,5D closed glass, which has a rounding at the edges. Because this film does not close the entire window plane. The body of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 is painted in gray on the front of the insert above and below the screen is striped textures.

The touch keyboard of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 is like a younger model without light. Not appeared here and missed event indicator. Being accustomed to the convenience of this indicator in other models, it was hard to get used to his absence.

Location of controls without surprises: a button on the right side, a tray for SIM card – to the left. Razm headphone has in the upper part, micro USB habitually below. The main camera has the top right, next to the two-tone flash.

Of course, new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 in the first place to buy due to the battery, so its description, I’ll start with the most interesting – Battery test. But first it is worth noting that the smartphone is equipped with fast charging, which can charge current of 2 Ampere and voltage of 5 volts, 7 volts, and 9 volts. For something similar, right? But no, it is not quick charge and in-house development of MTK. I have a multiport charged with the function of quick charge 2.0 to a port, but charging the smartphone is the usual voltage. Whether it completes charge of Oukitel – voltage almost immediately rises to 9V and then the process operation lasts almost until the end.

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

But if it’s bad for the battery? When charging the battery is not weak warming, the feelings of up to 40 degrees. It is, therefore, possible that for fast charging will have to pay less battery life. Interestingly, the battery has already gone on sale. Ali is full of them for $ 22, as well as other parts of this model.

But let’s define the feasibility of rapid charging. How much faster? The first thing I checked out a complete charge, the whole process took place with the participation of USB tester for control of current and voltage. The overall picture of the process is displayed in the next photo.

Starting the process is at 11.15. And in 13.20 charges indicator on your new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 showed the level of 100%. 2 hours – I was happy, but then I saw on USB tester that current continues to go into the smartphone, and not weak – 1.5A! Gradually, he began to fall and stopped completely flow into the battery in an hour. The process ended in 14.05. The total charging time was 2 hours and 50 minutes. Subsequent charges confirmed now – too early indicator shows 100%, the reality of the battery at this time is charged at 70%, so do not rush to remove it from the charging, let stand up even for an hour.

Well, and if you use the normal charge, how much time to grow? I took my charge Aukey, which can deliver current up to 3A, the overall picture looks like this:

The new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 does not take more than 2A, but this is great! Note time: I start at 13.07 and watch USB us tester for the process. Again, when the charge level on the smartphone 100% process lasted about an hour. Final charge ended at 17:50. Total charge time 4:00 43 minutes. As you can see, the time increased to 2:00. And if you charge 1 Amp charging, the process stretched for 10 hours. For myself, I concluded that the rapid charging can be used in case of emergency. After all, there are times when an urgent need for the time while you’re going to, at least, a little bit to recharge your smartphone. Charge 5 minutes and talk for 2 hours, that’s what we say in the advertising slogan. Part of it is, placing the smartphone is charged for 15 minutes, I had the battery for the whole day! In ordinary circumstances, I still prone to charge the usual 2-voltage charging. The time difference is not great, and the more it makes no difference if you put on the night, but I worry about the battery and its lifetime.

And new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 himself can charge other devices. Can be recharged if necessary another smartphone, MP3 player or smart watches – sometimes it is really necessary. He does it slowly with a current of 0.5 A.

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

You can estimate the battery capacity. Having until the end of its full charge, he could issue a 3380 mAh. Let’s count how many can give a maximum battery capacity of 6000 mAh. To do this, we multiply the capacity by 5 volts and divide by 3.7 (6000 \ 5v) h3.7v = 4400 mAh – the rest is spent for voltage conversion. But this is the ideal vessel which can give the battery, without efficiency. In my experience, the efficiency is about 80% (Loss on connectors, cable, and work energy consumption tester). Consuming 20% and get a 3552 mAh, which is very close to the given away smartphone 3380 mAh. The capacity can be regarded as proven; it is close to the application. I cannot precisely measure (at Imax) because it is the non-removable battery.

Now measure the capabilities of the battery itself, we learn what it can do. The first test that I conducted this test using battery benchmark Geek bench 3. I believe his perfect synthetic test battery because it uses a correct algorithm than for example Antutu battery tester. Although it lasts much longer. I charge the battery all the way I ran the test and went to sleep. In the morning I saw that the test is passed only by 40% – will have to wait a long time. When there was 10% of the charge, the test is interrupted, because start-up mode and stop the test. When you try to view Geekbench 3 results gave an error.

Having loaded new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 completely, I disabled the power saving mode in the settings and restart the test. This time, he went to the end, and lasted more than 25 hours!!! Again, when you try to see the results I produce errors.

Well, the third time to run the test, I did not, my nervous system that would not stand. We will compare the other way. Rummaging in his past reviews, I found some interesting results: Umi Fair with the real capacity of 1500 mAh battery scored 1518 balls (test lasted 5:00 41 minutes), Ulefone Be Pro 2 with the actual capacity of 2600 mAh battery scored 2707 points (test lasted 9:00 54 minutes). There is a clear pattern, for each hour of the test, the smartphone is gaining about 273 points (an equation with one unknown). Our test lasted 25 hours and 6 minutes, and then the result must be equal to 6851 points. And this test is also supported by a fair capacity of 6000 mAh.

To be fair, I also checked the battery and using Antutu battery tester, and although I do not like it because you can get different results depending on the brightness of the screen. At maximum brightness test is carried out correctly because the maximum brightness in all different smartphones and the screen is the main consumer. So I spent the test twice – the first time at the Auto Brightness and the second time at maximum brightness. The result is completely different, but in any case, the absolute leader in the smartphone.

But that is not all. After the test, I decided to finish off the battery to zero. I launched the series on Youtube at medium volume and the brightness of 30%. I started playing when had 18% charge, and to turn off the smartphone. 3 hours 10 minutes he had twisted my cartoons. Shes) from the full charge is obtained 16 hours of video playback over the Internet. If you play with cards, time will be even longer.

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 Review

And of course, the test uses it in real time. Immediately say, that “active use mode” at all different. Someone all day stuck in a toy, and who is using the device as needed. I have the day screen time to 1.5 hours, and I think it’s fairly active regime: a lot of calls, about an hour to use the internet + camera and music player. During the two days of the use of a smartphone has lost only 30% of the charge (the screen in the amount of burning more than 3 hours). The Internet, however, I only via WiFi – well, I have no need of the Internet on the street. In this mode, a smartphone can run for 6 days. A more active use – 3 days (the screen is lit in the amount of more than 11 hours).

With this battery, you can even in the mountains, even in the forest. Suitable and business people and those who often goes on business trips. You can never worry about the remaining charge. I feel like he lived much longer Oukitel ou ki tel K4000, and even much longer THL 5000 (passed with him for about a year, charge enough for 2 days of active use).

At the moment, it is the most long-running smartphone that I held in my hands. And basically the smartphone with a battery a little bit. There are monster Oukitel K10 000, but its price is prohibitive (almost $ 200), and the characteristics are the same budget.

I guess I’m a little tired you a huge bunch of numbers, calculations and statistics, so I propose to relax a bit and have a laugh a minute. Take a look two spectacular video taken by employees. The first video deserves an Oscar nomination – Fake year. Guys harness smartphone gas burner, showing how powerful he is. All anything, but you can see the video of several pieces assembled. And where smartphone harness torch is the flame is not directed directly at the screen and to the side. In general, someone wants to cheat))

I basically do not understand the meaning of this action. What for? WHAT FOR? Burn smartphone burner … What gives life? What is the useful result? Nonsense. The smartphone is certainly strong, but not fireproof.

The second video was removed the same guys. It is no less insane – smartphone sawn in half grinder. But there is, at least, a useful point, we do see that the metal housing (not imitation). I really wanted to pack jerked and the operator put in your pants, but it only inflamed…

Smartphone course, in so doing, it helps the aluminum frame, but it does not have special protection, so do not drop it on the pavement. Especially considering its weight.

A few words about performance. Paint again it does not see the point, leaving only screenshots of the main benchmarks. Still I can add that to the system (launcher, dialer, menus), and the browser and other applications processing power are more than enough. Everything works very fast. Not a hint of the brake. Fans play – do not even look in that direction, the graphics processor is the easiest. If he is now pulling even games (at medium graphics settings), then through the floor, finally surrendered. About logical and we are not talking). Results and information from the benchmark:

Communication functions work well. The sensitivity of the antenna is high, this applies to all wireless interfaces: WiFi catches even on my staircase, where others lose signal (3 walls and stairs). The same goes for GPS. There is no Glonass, GPS satellites but is quick, cold start – only a few seconds, exactly 3 meters.

Spoken normal quality speaker volume is high. But the microphone is not set up quite well, the interlocutors noted several flat sound, though hearing well.

Operating system of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000

The new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 works on Android 5.1 operating system ( the pleasant moment is that this model is developed CyanogenMod 12.1 firmware, now working beta version is available), but also “out of the box” system, there are some add-ons. They all relate to various types of smart gestures – contactless, using symbols and swipe. These menus are not translated into Russian. System features:

Most of all I liked the float gesture function. You probably noticed that there are many screenshots translucent circles. If you click on it, a popup menu appears with different profiles and capabilities.

For example, the game disables the physical profile of touch-sensitive buttons, and reading mode makes the LCD backlight constant. But I no longer liked the music and video modes, which offer media files in a small box, which is always located on top of other windows. For example, you can watch the show and at the same time in touch chatting social networking.

Even with the help of float gesture you can program any graphic character, when the image is in a special window will open the desired application or function.

If you do not need – you can simply disable the feature and clear the circle will not be displayed on the screen. There is also a built-in power-saving mode (customizable). By default, it is activated when the charge of 10%. He turns off all power-intensive consumers, reduces the brightness to a minimum and starts the simple launcher that allows you to call and send SMS. In this mode, the smartphone may still live so long.

Now a little about the multimedia capabilities. Screen as in entry-level bright and contrast. Made by OGS technology and picture on it looks perky. The viewing angles are excellent, there is no distortion. If you turn on a black background, then at the bottom (in the corners) are seen small glare if there is an image on the screen – they are not visible.

The sound of the main audio speaker of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 can be described as good – the volume is high, there is even a hint of bass. At maximum volume very loud tracks can hear small crackles, which disappear if even slightly turn down the sound. In general, the volume with a good margin and allow comfortably watch a movie without headphones. The headphones sound good (if you use high-quality), but in my opinion. Complete in-ear monitor rather intended to talk; they pronounced mid and low frequencies. The equalizer can be a little pulls them, but on the whole, the music sound in the headset is not much, not enough sonority. To talk – perfect, human speech sounds in their natural, sensitive microphone.

For many, it is important the presence of an imputed camera. The main camera can take pictures at resolutions up to 13 megapixels (interpolated), the actual resolution of the camera – 8 megapixels. The camera is no different from the younger model – K4000, perhaps here the same sensor. With sufficient illumination photos turn out good, the camera does not lathers – high sharpness. But at the same time quite noisy. Noise becomes noticeable in darker and photo quality drops significantly. Macro and subject survey gives a good camera. Further examples of pictures in different conditions.

Summarize of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000

Smartphone liked. With a small difference in price with Oukitel K4000, it looks more attractive, although for many it may seem a diagonal of 5.5 is already excessive. However, the larger screen also has its positive aspects – it is more convenient to use a browser to view the video. But size makes its use is not so comfortable. The strongest side of the new budget smartphone Oukitel K6000:

New budget smartphone Oukitel K6000 has the huge battery capacity of 6000 mAh. This is a major plus, and the model will be interesting for those looking for a long time working on a single charge unit:

  • The quick charge included.
  • Strong metal housing, nice appearance.
  • Bright OGS screen.
  • Excellent work of wireless interfaces (navigation, Internet communications)

Deficiencies in my opinion are:

  • No indicator of missed events and backlight touch buttons.

Source: PCadvisor