New heroes in “Salem”

New heroes in “Salem”


The cast of the new project from the channel WGN America replenished person, familiar to our audience. According to TVRage, in the series’ Salem play Stephen Lang, best known for the show  Terra Nova and the blockbuster” Avatar “. Lang got the role Inkriza Mather, Cotton Mather preacher father (Seth Gable). Both characters are drawn from real people. 

In the scenario described as an ardent Inkriz Puritan old school. Like his son, he is smart, strong in spirit and politically savvy. Inkriz – one of the most influential people in the country. And one of the most dangerous … 

Besides Lang, in the XVII century Salem sent Sammy Hanratti (“Criss does not surrender”). She will play Dottie – self-confident Woman, No to acquaint her friendsMercy (Alice Eberly). Ability to lead the last Dottie awe, and she can not wait to see Mercy “in”. 

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In anticipation of the next series of this terrible and impressive TV show from WGN America offer advanced view voiced trailer for the first season.

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