New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

We got to know the family repeatedly with laptops ProBook. Typically, these devices confidently cope with many business challenges, so they can safely be called reliable assistants. The laptop, which we consider refers to the 400-series of this line. It is a compact 14-inch new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3, in which there is a fingerprint scanner, which reduces the risk of getting confidential information in the wrong hands. And on stuffing the notebook manufacturer is not saved by setting the sixth-generation processor skylark, faster SSD and 8 GB of RAM. Is there anyone in this model, anything else worthy of the attention of potential buyers?

Design: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

The notebook cannot be called monotonous. Thus, the cover differs from the work surface by the presence of the last grinding metallic. There are also differences in color. In particular, the lid and the bottom of the notebook are gray, whereas the side faces and the region, where the keyboard silver. Unfortunately, in the design of all expected, there are no raisins: traditional logo in the center of the cover, the inscription on the ProBook site sloping panel, rounded edges. By the way, the design is practically no gloss, and even on matt coating often remain fingerprints. With regard to assembly, in this respect is all at a decent level. Gaps and other shortcomings we have not noticed, there are no claims and to tight hinges hold the display.

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

The material manufacturer used very little and most of the aluminum plastic. Unfortunately, the laptop cover was not too strong; it is a snap to bend. The bottom is more reliable. By the way, the bottom panel has a place for the battery and the two latches to release and remove, as well as a number of relatively large ventilation grilles. In addition, to the battery compartment is provided another, hidden underneath memory modules and other hardware components.

The new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 looks quite compact, which is confirmed by the size 339x244x19.9-20.9 mm. The device is easy to go into a small bag, so you can always take with you on a business trip or any other trip, along with other things. Moreover, the weight of 1.68 kg it will not be a hindrance.

Display, sound, webcam: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

The manufacturer installed in the new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 14-inch matte display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. In this case, we are dealing with a conventional screen while there is options and touch. Thus, the display allows you to work comfortably with the applications and documents, surf the Internet, watch videos, etc. We should not think that the font with Full HD-resolution will be small enough, you can always adjust. The only thing here is used TN-matrix, so the image is tilted a little fade, and we need to adapt, but for a business notebook, it’s not critical. As for the brightness level (an average of 220 cd / m2), for daily office tasks will be enough, except that you have to look closely, to use the notebook outdoors. With color, things are as follows: black transmitted is not too rich, and compliance with sRGB space does not exceed 60%.

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

As for sound business new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 fine. Two stereo speakers and DTS Studio Sound allow you to hear good sound with a predominance of high frequencies. The output sound is clear and moderately loud, but without the bass. In general, it is better to use headphones for watching videos or music.

A webcam in the small laptop has 720p resolution. It is supplemented by two microphones which are located on either side of the lens. With video conferencing, for example, Skype camera will cope fine.

Keyboard and Touchpad: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

The new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 provides water-resistant keyboard HP Premium. It’s padded slightly recessed relative to the working surface, but it does not affect the usability. Expected for the 14-inch form factor, there is no num pad and the main unit keys designers have made a medium-sized and placed them at a small distance from each other. By the way, an island layout allows you to quickly print, without making errors due to contact with the neighboring key. Here are just some of them have to get used to the short and fairly mild course. It should be noted that the surface of each key is flat, well-marked, and in the layout, there is no change, so that, in general, all the conditions for a long and comfortable work.

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

The touchpad is located right under the [Space]. Control the cursor on the touch pad convenient because its area slightly recessed and blind border to find just enough. Moreover, the surface of the manipulator are such that movement of the fingers when not sticky, and no problems with sensitivity. By the way, the touchpad supports multitouch gestures, including vertical and horizontal scrolling, and zooming. Under the sensory area are two mouse buttons. The keys are pressed clearly and not too loud, so while working in the office, you will not annoy present clatter buttons.

The new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 is not just for office workers, but also those who are engaged in business. That is why there is provided a fingerprint scanner. The sensor can be used instead of a password to restrict unauthorized access to the notebook.

Performance: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

The new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 (P5R90EA) works with Windows 7 Pro 64-bit version with the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. Depending on the equipment may also be Windows 8.1 or even DOS.

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

The basis of the filling is a ULV-processor Intel Core i7-6500U. It is built on 14-nm technology; it has a cache memory of the third level of 4 MB and two cores running at a frequency of 2.5 GHz. Of course, this is the benchmark, because with the help of Turbo Boost chip is able to accelerate to 3.1 GHz. By the way, this is not the only technology which is supported by the processor. So, Hyper-Threading allows the Core i7-6500U handles just four flow of information, resulting in a computational process is much faster. In general, CPU performance is that one cannot rely only on ordinary office tasks, but also more complex work. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer offers a complete set, not only with the powerful processor. In particular, there are options with low-voltage Core i3 and Core i5 sixth generation, as well as with the Pentium chip family.

Also provided in the filling card is though only built Intel HD Graphics 520. It is sufficient for most modern graphics problems, even many games. Among the characteristics of the accelerator 24 unified streams, DirectX 12 support, the ability to decode video H.265 / HEVC. In addition, Intel HD Graphics 520 is used to display on multiple external monitors. Of course, playing with the graphics on high, and the more the maximum setting will not work. And the native Full HD-resolution in modern games is to forget. But in the medium can be. In particular, Metal Gear Solid V or Battlefield Hardline will go to 30-33 frames per second if you reduce the display resolution to 1366×768 pixels.

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

This configuration provides 8 GB of RAM DDR3L-1600 MHz standard. For the coordinated operation of the system will be enough, even with five or six running apps. If necessary, you can install 16 GB of the RAM, it is a maximum amount laid down by the manufacturer. As for the drive, instead of the hard drive is installed SSD with a capacity of 256 GB. Thus, stop, and capacity and speed with which commands can be executed. However, in other trim levels can be options like a hard drive capacity of up to 1000 GB, and SSHD.

Ports and Communications: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

The front and rear side of the new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 from the connectors are free, so all of the interfaces can be found on the side ends. The bulk of the ports is the right side. They have located HDMI, VGA, two USB 3.0, and an RJ-45 network connector. At the end faces is Kensington lock slot.

New laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 Review

The opposite end accommodates one more USB, but the standard 2.0, which further serves to recharge. Also is located on the left card reader SD / SDHC / SDXC, combo audio jack and socket for the power adapter. For the rest of the vent covers.

The notebook has Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

The new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 works with the 4-cell lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 44 Wh. At maximum load, the battery is discharged in just one hour, while when viewing Full HD-video-enabled Wi-Fi while the laptop works increase up to 5 hours. As for the work on the Internet, it uses all the battery for 4 hours – 4 h 30 min. Thus, you should not rely heavily on the battery, if will be a long journey, which will close the outlet.

Conclusion: new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3

Consideration of the configuration can be purchased at a price of up to $ 1,200. For the price, you get a very productive stuffing: efficient low voltage processor Core i7-6500U, working in conjunction with the integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 520; 8 GB of RAM and a fast SSD-drive capacity of 256 GB. Of course, a variety of interfaces, here we are not talking, but among them there are all necessary in the work of ports and connectors, and their amount will not be lacking. But to the autonomy of any comments, because four and a half hours is not too much to work confidently in a long trip, without worrying that the laptop runs out at the most inopportune moment.

The display new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3 does not hit records for the brightness and color reproduction, but for a business notebook, it is not bad at all, especially since the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels allows for the better image than on many other screens. Emphasis on the business segment is complemented by the presence of a fingerprint scanner. With regard to the design of the notebook, then, in spite of a certain severity, it perfectly fits into any environment due to the classic colors and unassuming appearance. In general, if you are in search of a reliable and practical companion who will always be there, you can look at the new laptop HP ProBook 440 G3.

Source: HP