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New Samsung Galaxy View Review – Mini TV

So, new Samsung Galaxy View – This tablet PC, which, if not a huge screen that looks nothing would have stood out from the great mass of similar devices. The company made a bid for originality, but get there so bold idea user approval?

Is 18-inch tablet? It does not happen! We thought so too, but it turned out – even as it happens! Samsung has decided to outdo colleagues and let the mobile market such a product that is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. In general, the course proved to be a win-win marketing – new product will not leave anyone indifferent!

Design: new Samsung Galaxy View

Say what you like, and the new Samsung Galaxy View looks atypical even for the modern sophisticated user. It is made of plastic and metal, in this case, is not even considered, because it would have added the weight of the tablet. And that, by the way, and so far no fuzz – 2 kg 650 g! Yeah, mobility here exactly we are not talking, because to take with such a machine would want except that any athlete-heavyweight and it is unlikely. If we are talking about weight, we note immediately and dimensions, which are also not really fit into the already familiar modern standards. Thus, the device length of 452 mm, width is 276 mm, and the thickness – 12 mm. By the way, the tablet is available in two colors: white and black.

New Samsung Galaxy View Review - Mini TV

But we digress. The plastic cover has a nice rough surface, which is characterized by its practicality. In particular, it does not collect dust and fingerprints, in addition, minor injuries, for example, scratches, therein is not particularly visible. In the middle of the cover – silver brand logo, and above it – at the top – you can see the elongated notch. We bet that you have already guessed its purpose – of course, this pen!

Wear new Samsung Galaxy View down the street with it is unlikely to be convenient, but for transportation from one room to another – is ideal. In addition, the back of the gadget has a two-position stand with adjustable tilt, respectively, to work with the device can be from different angles, as comfortable as possible for you. Unfortunately, detach the stand from the unit is not possible, which is strange, considering its already immodest dimensions.

Go ahead: turn over new Samsung Galaxy View on the “back” and get to know his face. Almost the entire surface occupies the screen, surrounded by the perimeter rather thin frame. On the upper face is a webcam, and at the bottom – another small company logo. Interestingly, at the bottom of the plate, it is something similar to the legs, which, coupled with support, to help him maintain balance.

New Samsung Galaxy View Review - Mini TV

That’s what turned Design’s new Samsung Galaxy View. Perhaps the feasibility of the device, we will not speculate, each user decides for himself whether or not he sees the future for this tablet. Of course, especially not walk up to him, is that within your own home. But when he wants to watch a movie – it is here that the advantages of 18-inch display and show in all its glory! By the way, the build quality of the new products was not at the highest level: the lid flexes when pressed, stand seems frail. But what can you do with the plastic like often happen.

Display, audio and webcam: new Samsung Galaxy View

Here we are getting to the most interesting part of the review – screen. Thus, the manufacturer is not greedy and gave tablet 18.4-inch glossy display. However, given the resolution of Full HD, the density of pixels per inch is quite low and amounts to only 120 ppi, due to which the individual points can be considered if desired. Aspect ratio – 16: 9, the screen supports 16 million colors.

As for visibility, then it is responsible for IPS-matrix. Thus, a change of perspective does not threaten the loss of image quality from almost any angle; new Samsung Galaxy View will retain the original appearance. Of course, if you strongly reject the display, the color will fade, and the color rendering deteriorates. Overall, no complaints about the performance of this screen we have: the output is a bright, saturated color, which makes the picture lush and realistic. With this tablet you will not be bored because it is a home theater, popcorn only have time to stock up!

Under the stand can see the lattice, which hides in one of the stereo speakers on the left and right side. The sound of the Tablet PC was weak, largely due to the unfortunate location of the speakers. Of course, most of the tablets produced today cannot boast good acoustics, but in this case, the user puts on an unusual form factor. Headphones, of course, help to improve the situation, but they will have recourse if you use the gadget alone. And what if the company has a large family or the whole front of the screen?

New Samsung Galaxy View Review - Mini TV

As we mentioned at the top of the new Samsung Galaxy View has a webcam, which resolution is 2.1 megapixels. You can use it to communicate with other users on Skype; by the way, on such a large screen of your interlocutor will be perfectly clear. Taking photos with a front camera of any mobile gadget – obviously, a failure message and new Samsung Galaxy View is no exception. Try, of course, possible, but this picture will certainly be no different detail, so you decide.

Keyboard and Touchpad: new Samsung Galaxy View

Yes, an 18-inch new Samsung Galaxy View and asks docking keyboard, but no manufacturer has decided in his own way. The bundled keyboard unit is not provided, and after him the device could be turned into a laptop, and huge! So, in the case of the new Samsung Galaxy View has content with only a virtual keyboard. However, if the user has no plans to set long text, its capacity will be more than enough. At any time, the user can change the font, change the style, change the layout of the characters to digital, select the language of the proposed etc. At the keyboard large buttons, which is easy to get, in general, it is the most sharpened by modern needs of users. The screen stylus support is not provided.

New Samsung Galaxy View Review - Mini TV

The physical buttons front part of the device is not endowed, but there is virtual. Here you will find the usual, “Home”, “Back” and “Menu”.

Performance: new Samsung Galaxy View

The new Samsung Galaxy View SM-T677 is supplied is running Android 5.1 operating system. Interface news different from other tablets, which is logical, because in front of us – a cross between a tablet PC and a TV. So, after the gadget on the main page is displayed, divided into a large number of rectangles that provide quick access to the various sites. The point is that some will go on only if you have an account in the cable TV and the provider is a partner of the service. However, how this will be implemented in our country, it is not known for certain.

New Samsung Galaxy View Review - Mini TV

As for the processor, the Exynos 7580 is used with 8-core Cortex A-53. The chip is made according to the standards 28 nm process technology and works with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. The company he is schedule ARM Mali-T720 MP2, which operates at up to 630 MHz. The video card supports OpenGL 3.1, OpenCL 1.1, and DirectX 11.1. These hardware components provide good performance. Thus, the filling capacity is sufficient for daily web surfing, watching videos, photos, etc. By the way, it will also play if you wish, though not in all games. For example, without any problems run Angry Birds 2, Best Fiends, but more demanding tablet hardly copes.

The amount of RAM is only 2GB LPDDR3. As for the built-in, its volume is 32 GB, however, you will get around 25 GB, and the rest goes to the operating system and system software. However, there is no reason to worry, because the memory can be increased by another 128 GB by using the memory card reader.

Ports and Communications: new Samsung Galaxy View

With interfaces to the new Samsung Galaxy View, the situation is as follows: on the right side has a Micro-USB 2.0 port, audio jack for headphones and a slot for charging.

New Samsung Galaxy View Review - Mini TV

Under the Stand – a slot for microSD card reader and for nano-SIM. The latter, by the way, is an optional feature, there are modifications and without it. As you have probably noticed, the gadget is no video output HDMI. Regarding wireless communications, they are available in the form of Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.1, as well as 3G and LTE. Furthermore, to have a GPS-navigation receiver. Additional sensors can be seen in accelerometer and light sensor.

Battery: new Samsung Galaxy View

Inside new Samsung Galaxy View, SM-T677 is non-removable lithium-ion battery capacity of 5700 mAh (64 WH). Battery test results were good: video playback at 720p and an average brightness level of the device will land in about 9 hours; however, if you enable Wi-Fi, this figure drops to 8 hours. In addition, the manufacturer assures that the audio playback time will be 299 hours, and surfing the web with LTE enabled module will last up to 8 hours.

In general, as for the 18-inch tablet with a good screen and good filling, standalone performance make a good impression: the gadget does not need to be charged every few hours, however, and far from the outlet of its carrying out is still not worth it.

Conclusion: new Samsung Galaxy View

Needless to say, an 18-inch Tablet PC new Samsung Galaxy View – product clearly banal. The concept of this device is very clear: a mini-TV with a conventional tablet. But as far as convenient and practical? The first thing that catches your eye is the device heavier and larger. Indeed, the almost three-pound device is difficult to endure, and on his knees to use the same is not an option. Subjectively, the external appearance of the tablet is poor: it is bulky, clumsy looking, also, removable handle adds volume and without that, not the brittle body.

Special claims to the quality of the image we have, with the exception of notable individual pixels of the low density. With the rest of the characteristics of more or less fine: good viewing angles, good brightness. But the sound clearly pumped up what, to a greater extent, to blame the unfortunate location of the speakers. As for toppings, there were no misunderstandings: it is at the average level of the Tablet PC designed to perform daily tasks. But the TV function was not fully thought out by engineers. The fact that the broadcast of the sites is not possible without the presence of a cable television account, accordingly, the range of possible tasks significantly narrowed.

The cost of this miracle of the new Samsung Galaxy View is about $ 720. Of course, this price is partly explained by the fact that in today’s market there are no analogs new Samsung Galaxy View. On the other hand, if competitors are relevant for this form factor? And is there any sense in buying an 18-inch tablet with a price tag, as many plasma TVs? If you’re saving space – definitely yes. If for functionality and cost savings – perhaps not.

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