Nissan introduces digital rearview mirror

Nissan introduces digital rearview mirror


Updates on all brands already in 2015

At the Geneva Motor Show Nissan will present a working prototype of a digital mirror, which will be the serial later this year and will go into global markets in 2015. New with unpretentious name Smart is a device “two-in-one”, combining the LCD-display with a traditional mirror, and allows the driver to choose between two ways of presenting visual information.

Camcorder peeling road behind the vehicle, mounted just below the edge of the rear window and has a high resolution. It conveys a vivid and clear image on the LCD-screen located on top of an ordinary mirror, thanks to this country image does not overshadow the high number of passengers in the rear, oversized baggage, it will not hinder the dusty or dirty glass.

If the driver for any reason dissatisfied with the work of the digital mirror projector off at the touch of a button, and a transparent screen emerges regular mirror surface. Nissan Vice President Andy Palmer said that the new product will not only allow drivers to less eye strain, but also inspire the company to new, more interesting and aerodynamically efficient design solutions in new models, because the size and angle of the rear window no longer be critical.

In Japan Camera Mirror Smart will be offered as optional equipment for new models starting with this spring. Global markets curious novelty will be released in 2015. Take?

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