31.01.2017 12:24

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

Today I want to tell about cheap smart watch No.1 G6, which we got from online store GearBest.

Besides a fairly low price, No.1 G6 have all the features you need from smart watch, as well as a fitness tracker. The manufacturer calls it “smartwatch for sports”. It is true, because device has a lot of functions. About this and much more will be discussed in our review No.1 G6.

Packaging equipment

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

Smart watch comes to us in original white box. On the top is No.1 logo and icons with main functions.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

The right side we can see information about main features of smart watch, such as screen, CPU, etc.The left side has a sticker which can immediately identify which color is smart watch No.1 G6.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

Full packaging No.1 G6 as follows:

  • Smart watch No.1 G6;
  • Micro USB charging cable;
  • User manual in different languages, including English.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

In general, smartwatch packaging is standard, nothing surprising.


The smartwatch case is made of black metal. One of the main advantages of this model is support for interchangeable watch straps. The quality of watch straps are at the high level. The materials are soft and ease to bend.

Watches are available in 4 models, like the image below. We have sports black version No.1 G6.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

Watch quality is also good. All parts are made carefully and adjusted to each other under size.

No.1 G6 is equipped with a round 1.2-inch dial with a resolution of 240×240 pixel. The dial is round, but the display is square.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

On the rear panel of smartwatch is the heart rate sensor and 4 screws, one of which is closed with a sticker.

On the right side are two control buttons. The top button performs the function “Back”, while the second button is “Home”. It is also responsible for turning on/off the screen.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports

On the left side is a connector for micro-USB cable. We really liked the fact that the manufacturer has decided to use standard micro-USB port for charging. Thus, you do not need a special charger to charge it. Also you can find microphone on the same side.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports


If we talk about functionality, the first thing that must be said, smartwatch runs on its own operating system. Therefore, you can not install Android Wear apps. Fortunately, smartwatch has many useful features, so we do not upset.

Firstly, No.1 G6 is a watch, so dial screen plays an important role. You can choose 5 different dials, as the images below.

The screen is small enough, so the dial with a lot of information is difficult to read. The dial with only time is the best option for me.

Among the main functions of smart watch No.1 G6 are calendar, alarm, calculator. When smartwatch is synchronized with smartphone, you have additional feature, such as make calls, view notifications and messages, history, incoming calls, etc.

As we said, it is sport watch, so you can use some special features. You can monitor the quality of sleep, set a reminder that you need to get up from a chair and do exercises, count steps and calories burned, and measure the pulse with heart rate monitor. What else you need for the sport watch?

Speaking about heart rate monitor, I do not undertake to say how exactly it shows a pulse. But when I sat quietly and did some exercise, it shows different results. It is definitely good!

A few words about pedometer – smart watch No.1 G6 counts the steps by a wave of hand. Thus, if you need a little cheat, you can wave your hand. In general, device showed almost same results with Xiaomi Mi Band.

No.1 G6 Review smart watch for business and sports
Anti Lost

Another interesting feature of smart watch No.1 G6 is Anti-Lost function. Device will tell you when you are far away from synchronized smartphone. Also watch has Bluetooth camera. It allows you to control the camera on synchronized smartphone, to be exact, only to take a photo.

Battery life

If we talk about battery life, then it must be said that battery capacity is 380mAh. It means allows you to use smart watch No.1 G6 for about 2 days with activated Bluetooth, and a little more with turned off.

Full-charge time from 0% to 100% takes about 48 minutes.

Advantages No.1 G6

  • Round display
  • Interchangeable straps (Sports and Business)
  • Pairing with smartphone and additional functions with it
  • Anti-Lost
  • Low price

Disadvantages No.1 G6

  • No protection from moisture


No.1 G6 is very interesting smart watch. One of the main features of this model are removable straps. You can choose a metal strap for business or rubber for sports. Thanks to Anti-Lost function you do not lost your smartphone. It also offers a lot of sports functions and interaction with a smartphone. We think that it is an excellent device for those who are looking for functional, but low-cost smart watch.

Price and release date

The price of smart watch No.1 G6 is $30. We found that the lowest price at GearBest, so you can feel free to order it.BUY No.1 G6 smart watch for $29.99