Noah off all but wes anderson …

Noah off all but wes anderson …


The new entries invade the head of the rankings, even though the average room off the palm in the film Aronofksy.

The 800 copies with which Universal Pictures has brought Noah to the Italian public are the light of a distribution policy that often points to win the championship lead quickly, with all that entails. The impression ‘that most accounts’ on chitchat raised by the film (and subject, of course) that the next word of mouth. For now, the results are more than two and a half million built-in four days, a number that – predictably – glide Captain America: The Winter Soldier in third place after two weeks of dominance.

Despite the lower numbers, however, ‘the movie of the week and’ Grand Hotel Budapest Wes Anderson, released in only 186 rooms and proceeds of € 700,000 and a little more ‘, reveals a per-screen average of 3,941 against 3,125 in the previous year. Not bad. Behind them, and said third place Marvel (which still exceeds the fateful 6 million of the previous film about Captain America , minimum target distribution), all collect less, collections and public. As a story of a thief of books , Divergent , and you remember me? maybe drops more ‘sensational; while the output of the ranking of friends like us and the phenomenon Berlinguer When there was corresponding inputs of a fairytale wedding Vanzinas (with an unsatisfactory fourth place) and Oculus – The reflection of evil (the seventh).

In the United States, however, Cap while holding Noah drops (from the second to sixth place – a confirmation of the goodness’ of the Universal strategy of which it was said). Behind him, as often happens, the new releases are the masters. And so ‘we varied the trio Rio 2, Oculus and Draft Day to divide the audience’ more ‘cool’. Over 60 million for an animation, horror, and the new ‘sports’ with Kevin Costner , with less than half ‘remained at the disposal of God’s Not Dead, Grand Hotel Budapest, Muppets and Mr. Peabody … Waiting for the simultaneous removal of both Transcendence and Gigolo case (but in Italy also comes Rio 2 – Mission Amazon ).

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