21.07.2015 2:27

Noise barriers with solar panels are tested in the Netherlands

If the tests prove successful in the Netherlands, the barriers on the highway can provide not only protection from the noise. Colorful side barriers will contain luminescent solar concentrator (LSC), which transmit light conventional solar panels that generate energy.

The technology, developed by Michael Debidzhem from Eindhoven University of Technology, tested on the track A2 in the Netherlands. Their efficiency in electricity production will be checked during the year, as well as the need for maintenance and resistance to damage, including vandalism.

“With a variety of colors LCS look very attractive, making them ideal for the introduction of road infrastructure,” explains Debidzh. “Their additional advantage is the low price and reliability, as well as the ability to produce them in any light. Furthermore, LCS operate even during cloudy weather. ”

Each noise barrier is 5 meters wide and 4.5 high, and although one barrier barriers will not produce a lot of energy, 1 km fence can supply energy of 50 average households.