Nokia said on presentation of the new VR-device at an event next...

Nokia said on presentation of the new VR-device at an event next week


It seems, Nokia also wants a piece of the pie of virtual reality. Many have announced a special VIP- event in Los Angeles next week, and it is rumored that there will be presented the “big project on virtual reality.”

Sources close to the Finnish company’s claim that the event can expect a big announcement that will allow us not only to plunge into the world of virtual reality, but again make a contribution to the world of technology.

While it is not known in what form will this product, or if the device is how it will look. But within a few days, we’ll know. In recent years, virtual reality attracts a lot of attention, as well as investments in the IT-business companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Sony and Samsung. Step into the space BP, Nokia did perhaps the most courageous company in the consumer technology market since that time, two years ago it sold its mobile phone Microsoft.

Once the market leader in mobile phones, Nokia has departed from affairs, unable to adjust to the rapidly changing situation and has suffered most strongly when in 2007 was presented the first iPhone. Unwilling to let go another perspective, the company is entering the market of virtual reality to take a position at the forefront of development.

Although her business is now focused on the telecommunications equipment, the company continues to take an interest, albeit limited, appliances consumer market, earlier this year launched N1 tablet based on Android for users in China. It is also rumored that in 2016 will be a new smartphone, the first since the deal with Microsoft in 2013.