Nomi i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

Nomi i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

Nomi Evo M1 i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

In addition to “indigenous Chinese people,” such as Doogee, UMI, VK, in ultrabudgetary price range ($ 100) is represented by a lot of smart phones from local brands produced in China by OEM-contract. One of these devices is introduced in October 2016 – Nomi i5011 – affordable smartphone, to sell for $ 75. This is a typical Chinese state employees, sold under local brand Nomi.

The smartphone is fully consistent with the typical characteristics of a cheap device, there is nothing outstanding. For buyers the main advantage is that the local brand means no problems with warranty service. If you have a smartphone has some positive points, for which it is to take it – to tell our review.

Nomi i5011 has nothing new and special. I am glad that it is installed on board the current version of the OS, but there is no something emphasizes in its specifications.

Nomi Evo M1 i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

Nomi i5011: Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Nomi i5011 is made in a plastic case, and thanks to its design seems smaller than it actually is. Its dimensions are 141 × 71 mm, and the machine thickness – 8.1 mm. However, due to the fact that the back panel tapers towards the edges, it looks and feels light and refined. In an extreme case, this is clearly not the same brick as Doogee X5. Compiled bad smartphone, a thin back panel while squeezing a bit of flex.

Nomi i5011 front glass, the sensor is on the sides of a small polished chamfer, 2,5D but no pronounced effect. Under the screen – 3 touch buttons (back, home, menu, context – if left to right) without light, above the screen – the camera, speaker mesh, proximity switches / lighting.

The rear panel (removable) made of plastic, gray or red, with the texture of a canvas. The device sits firmly in the hand, non-slip.Downstairs there is a slot for the call speaker, at the top in the corner – the camera and flash. More than anything, except the manufacturer logo on the lid there.

Nomi Evo M1 i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

The lower end of the smartphone empty. At the top – placed MicroUSB jack for charging / synchronization and 3.5mm headset jack.

The left side of the smartphone is empty, right in Nomi i5011 are key power / lock and volume rocker switch.

Nomi i5011: CPU

Nomi i5011 is based on the popular low-cost chipset MediaTek MT6580. His four Cortex A7 cores running at up to 1.3 GHz. 3D processing takes GPU Mali 400 MP2. Despite the fact that the budget chipset for low-cost smartphone it is appropriate, sufficient performance for basic tasks.

With OS interface iron Nomi i5011 does well in this mode, there are no brakes. Games on minimum settings, too, will all, but with regard to the improved graphics – here as lucky. Overall AnTuTu result about 23 thousand objectively reflects the chip’s capabilities, in practice it is about twice as less popular budget decisions, gaining 25-35 thousand points.

Nomi Evo M1 i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

Nomi i5011: Memory

Nomi i5011 set the minimum acceptable for a smartphone in 2016, the amount of RAM – 1 GB. Without running programs about 500-600 MB of them eats the OS, but if you start something heavy – the system “will make the room”, releasing part of the RAM. If you sit on the Internet with multiple tabs open – departures will not, but a serious multitasking (like 10 tabs in the browser, some rolled messengers, and a couple of programs in the background) do not count. In this mode, the application will be unloaded in the swap (service flash memory on the system used to unload unneeded processes), and switching them on – take a couple of seconds.

The internal memory on your smartphone 8 gigabytes. Since Android 6 – not the easiest OS, about half the internal storage, it eats.Internal storage section has a capacity of just over 4.5 GB. The memory card slot is, officially supports cards up to 32GB, but if you insert 64 GB formatted in FAT – will work too.

You can switch the memory, using as a primary drive stick, but if it is more than 8 GB – some user settings are displayed negative amounts of memory. On the work is not affected, but a bit frustrating.

Nomi Evo M1 i5011 Review: ultrabudget Chinese smartphone in slim body

Nomi i5011: Battery

Nomi i5011 is equipped with a battery 2000 mAh. Not much as by the standards of 2016, so that the autonomy of the outstanding count would be naive. However, not all that bad: in the mode sparing use smartphone live more than a day. When mixed loads (some calls, music, messenger, web surfing, video on Youtube) to charge enough daylight. It is passable, considering that most are accustomed to charge your smartphone every night. Charge has a capacity of 1 A, with her charge refill lasts about 2 hours.

Nomi i5011: Cameras

The Nomi i5011 set the main camera of 5 MP. Its basic specifications failed to scout, but judging by the pictures – camera presence here is purely nominal. She is very modest dynamic range (if you remove the bright object – the rest will be in the shade), detailing weak, not very good focus on the near-term (small parts soaps) and a lot of noise. In the room, the light energy-saving lamps, to make high-quality photos is almost unreal. On the street in the evening, by the light of a lantern – the same.

Movies are recorded in a similar to photo quality. Supported 720p @ 30FPS recording in 3GP format. Under conditions of artificial light camera pretty quickly refocuses on pressing a finger on the object, but the focus quality is so-so, a lot of noise, and the picture is not very smooth. During the day a little better, but it is also far from ideal.

Front camera Nomi i5011 has a resolution of 2 MP. Shooting quality it does not differ fundamentally from the main module, that is, the same minimum. If you do selfie – a man on it goes like himself, but the detail is lame. A closer look at the skin and leaves zamylenny in noise, small parts (such as hair or eyelashes) will not consider all merges.

Nomi i5011: Screen

Display Nomi i5011 has a diagonal of 5 “. It is produced on the basis of IPS panels with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels. Display is possible to bring in the benefits of a smartphone, because it is bright enough (about 400 nits), it has a high-quality viewing angles and color reproduction sane. The color temperature is close as the optimal openly in yellowness or blueness of light colors do not fall down. Oleophobic coating is not he out of the box is covered with a protective plenochkoj.

Nomi i5011: Communications

The smartphone is equipped with two slots for simok one has a Mini, the second format – Micro. Slots independent, that is, to chooseto put the second number, or expand the memory – is not necessary. With the European 2G GSM and 3G HSPA networks are no problems, but the 4G LTE smartphone is not supported on the modem level. There is a module Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC and infrared port, by itself, no. Navigator works with the GPS satellites, the street quickly finds up to a dozen satellites.

Because the sensors are present on board light sensor, proximity, accelerometer and simple (according to AnTuTu).

Nomi i5011: Sound

The speaker is located on the rear panel provides an average sound volume, with not very wide frequency range. The headphones sound richer, listen to music, without prejudice to the ears is quite possible. There is on board and FM-radio.

Nomi i5011: Operating system

On board Nomi i5011 installed quite current OS Android 6. It is clear, any changes to the interface no. Everything works quickly, in the process of exploring the smartphone unpleasant moments, bugs (except a negative memory stick in the settings), did not arise. As for such a modest iron, the system can deliver a positive assessment.

Pros and cons of Nomi i5011


  • affordable price;
  • good display;
  • light body;
  • separate MicroSD slot;
  • fresh OS.


  • the camera is present purely nominal;
  • small battery capacity;
  • little memory.

Alternatives Nomi i5011

  • Doogee X5 Max – analogue with more capacious battery, fingerprint scanner, but in a more “brutal” and thick body.
  • Doogee X9 Mini – another analogy with the fingerprint scanner, such as a battery, and a slightly overclocked the processor.
  • Oukitel C3 – also almost complete analog Nomi i5011, but with an unusual rear panel design.
  • UMI Rome X – not exactly a direct competitor, since the screen is 5.5 “, but it is almost the only alternative to the hero of the review, which has a good camera.

Our review Nomi i5011

Review Nomi i5011 has shown that this is a typical Chinese fiscal 2016. The smartphone is not particularly stands out from the competition, as it has similar hardware. He has a good screen, light weight and compact size, which makes the device more women than men (although men it is also nice). Set a smartphone specifications can be used for phone calls, correspondence, web surfing, but it is little suited to heavier tasks.

For my money the device justifies a purchase, but not much else. Demanding users and it can not be satisfied, but for the person who is far from the world of IT and does not use the functionality of a smartphone 101%, Nomi i5011 quite descend.