Norway authorities decided to join the European Union sanctions against the Russian...

Norway authorities decided to join the European Union sanctions against the Russian Federation

Norway authorities decided to join the European Union sanctions against the Russian Federation

Norway, as promised to the country’s authorities, decided to join the European sanctions against the Russian Federation. As stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, measures will be identical to the European one. It should be noted that Russia has actually “said” Norway, taking against her food restrictions.

In a statement, Foreign Minister Børge Brende, published on the website of the Ministry noted that “Norway will bring the same penalties as the European Union on July 31,” in particular,economic constraints , as well as expand the list of persons and entities whose financial assets in the country will be frozen.

According to Brenda, these restrictive measures will be a response to the violation of the UN Charter Russia. The minister also said that Moscow is not expressed a willingness to change their behavior towards Ukraine. “Even after the tragedy on July 17 when he was hit by a plane Malaysian, Russian, though changed its behavior, but continued to destabilize the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine,” – said the Minister.

Note that the Norwegian authorities have already met with representatives of the business sector and discussed the introduction of sanctions that affect the whole of the Russian economy.

Previously, we recall, Norway, which is not included in the European Union, expressed the desire to join the EU imposed sanctions. However, Moscow ahead of Oslo with the answer – against Norway were introduced “food sanctions” , which, in particular, affected fisheries sector, ie the supply of fish products to Russia. Against this background, one of the main distributors of Norwegian salmon company “Russian Sea” inflated prices, but after this information came to the media, disown from a double increase in the cost of the fish.

Recall that its sanctions have developed and the United States. United States authorities have three Russian bank blacklisted. Sanctions imposed on the United States were VTB “Bank of Moscow” and “Russian Agricultural Bank”.From now on, citizens and companies of the United States prohibited from purchasing debt instruments mentioned banks or related entities, as well as their property for a period longer than 90 days. In addition, the black list includes the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), associated with the transaction on “Mistral”.

In addition, the sanctions against Russia joined Japan . It has not imposed economic sanctions, but has frozen the bank accounts of individuals and organizations that, according to Tokyo, “involved in the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine” and joining the Russian Crimea, and also banned imports of certain goods from the Crimean Republic. At the same time, Japanese goods under embargo for some reason were not included, as opposed to Norwegian.

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