Now it’s official: Bruce Jenner replace gender

Now it’s official: Bruce Jenner replace gender

Now it's official: Bruce Jenner replace gender

Recent photos of Bruce Jenner raise many questions and discussions. Many have noticed that Kim Kardashian’s stepfather and former athlete after her divorce from Kris Jenner is increasingly becoming like a woman.

A few days ago, a source close to his family, confirmed the publication People: Bruce Jenner soon completely replace the flooring.

Bruce turns into a woman. He finally happy, and his family support his choice. That’s why now is the time to do something like that,

– He said.

We also learned that 65-year-old Bruce Jenner making a documentary about this change.

It will be released when Bruce is ready to talk about it,

– The source added.

Note rumors that men are willing to change their sex, appeared last fall. In the press and on the Internet periodically appeared eloquent photos Bruce Jenner with pink nail polish, a slimming pants Spanx and epilate feet. Previously, he underwent surgery to reduce the Adam’s apple.

Now it's official: Bruce Jenner replace gender

The man did not want to resort to surgery to carry out the transformation. Instead, he is undergoing hormone therapy and take estrogen.

In addition, according to insiders, his choice was due to the fact that he did not want to shock my family too abrupt a change.

He very carefully and wisely doing one step closer to his dream. Instead of hitting all, he chose a gradual path, which gave him time to get used to close his new image,

– The words quoted an insider magazine People.

However, sources point out that not all members of his family were able to fully accept and understand his decision. However, they still love it and try to maintain.

Each in its own way through some things in life. I think when the time comes, Bruce himself to share the whole story and talk about what prompted him to do so,

– Commented stepdaughter Kim Kardashian of┬áBruce Jenner.