Number of cases of Ebola exceeded 13,500 people. WHO: the spread of...

Number of cases of Ebola exceeded 13,500 people. WHO: the spread of the disease in Liberia began to decline

Number of cases of Ebola exceeded 13,500 people. WHO: the spread of the disease in Liberia began to decline

The situation with Ebola remains alarming. Currently, according to the official data of the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of infected deadly virus has reached 13,703 people. However, the organization is isolated and positive trends emerging in Liberia, where almost half of the recorded cases of infection – there is spread of the disease began to decline, reports Reuters.

WHO Assistant Director Bruce Ayluord told a news conference that the overwhelming number of cases still accounted for three African countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. They just recorded 13676 infections.

According Ayluorda, registered in Liberia 6535 infected in Sierra Leone – 5235, Guinea – 1906. The cases were registered in Mali, Spain, USA. In Nigeria and Senegal outbreak stopped.

Ebola died nearly five thousand people. It is worth noting that the spread of the disease in Liberia began to decline. Bruce Ayluord stated that the information coming from the event, confirms the data of “slowing the epidemic in this country.” “We are cautiously optimistic that the number of cases of infection decreases in Liberia,” – he said.

WHO focuses on information from several sources: first of all, this is the data from the cemeteries, which confirmed that “at the moment of burial had fewer deaths from Ebola virus.” In addition, the information comes from treatment centers, where a smaller number of recorded calls, as well as databases, which are recorded in all cases of infection.

The main possible causes of improvement Ayluord called what happened in September, more secure burials of people who died from the virus. The second factor, he called a general increase public awareness of the disease. Previously, WHO has repeatedly pointed out that due to cultural traditions, many people took up the dangerous virus is at parting with the dead.

At the same time the representative of WHO stressed that these projections should be treated with caution and not to think that the problem is already solved. “Whether this trend, or the number of cases will start to grow again – there is a huge risk that it will not be long-term, as required to operate at full capacity to monitor all cases,” – said Ayluord.

In total, WHO plans to create 56 treatment centers in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, designed for 4700 beds. At present there are 15 such centers, received guarantees for the construction and no surgeons for another 22 centers. They earned at the end of November. Parallel to the search for doctors who could work in 19 hospitals, 14 hospitals in Liberia and five – in Guinea. When these specialists to be found in possession of WHO will more than three thousand beds for patients. Currently available 1047 beds.

It is worth noting that earlier Swiss immunologist, professor at the Institute of Immunology, University of Bern Beda Stadler said that the hype around the Ebola inflated the World Health Organization (WHO). According to him, from Ebola existing drugs, and soon it will appear on the market. He believes that the hype around the deadly disease worldwide profitable pharmaceutical companies and WHO.