Review: The number of deaths from poisoning electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly

Review: The number of deaths from poisoning electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly

The number of deaths from poisoning electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly

Scientists sound the alarm: statistics show that the danger of fatal poisoning in the use of electronic cigarettes is far more than ordinary people think. The past few years, the number of victims of this new-fangled hobby is increasing every year. Such disappointing data are given in the report of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States.

More than half of the victims of poisoning electronic cigarettes – children up to 5 years.

For four years, the number of appeals to the toxicologists U.S.because of intoxication of the liquid contained in electronic cigarettes has increased significantly. If in September 2010, the respective centers took only one call on this occasion, in February 2014, this figure rose to 215. 42% of the complaints are from people older than twenty, but the other victims – more than half – kids under the age of five years.

The principle of operation of the electronic cigarette is the evaporation of nicotine aerosol, which breathes and smoking. The manufacturers claim that this spray is much “cleaner” smoke generated by the combustion of conventional tobacco. However, it should be noted that the composition of the aerosol most manufacturers of electronic cigarettes is kept secret, so it is very difficult to objectively assess the degree of safety of this method of nicotine delivery. Given that the production and sale of electronic cigarettes today practically does not controlled, they can get almost any chemical.

Poison can be different.

The quality of electronic cigarettes should be treated with extreme caution. A cigarette can be poisoned accidentally swallowing the liquid contained in it, which is quite often the case with leaks cartridge.Inhalation or contact with skin or eyes, also can lead to a hospital bed. Among the symptoms of poisoning electronic cigarette the most frequent – nausea, vomiting and irritation of the eyes.

Poisonings will grow – CDC predicts.

Studies show that analysts in “U.S. News” publication “Market Leader” increase in the number of cases of poisoning due to the rapid rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes worldwide. Fear of cancer, care about their own well-being and a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, make more and more kurilischikov look for an alternative to tobacco. “While sales are growing electronic cigarettes will increase and the number of poisoning substances contained in them” – said Tom Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States.

Arguments “for” and “against” electronic cigarettes.

Back in 2008, the year the experts of the World Health Organization stated that do not consider the use of electronic cigarettes as a therapy that can replace nicotine, because scientists do not possess confirmed at the scientific level of information as to how safe it is smoking electronic cigarettes. In addition, WHO scientists argue that currently do not possess reliable information on the bill that specifically included in the e-cigarettes in addition to nicotine, as well as how it affects the human body by inhalation in a similar way.

At the current stage of research, scientists concluded: the use of electronic cigarettes can lead to blockage of the respiratory tract, which is a serious threat to human health.

Facts in favor of electronic cigarettes.

Commercials say that electronic cigarettes help people who want to quit smoking, but there is one study that would be able to confirm this statement. Electronic cigarettes to look like regular cigarettes or cigars, there are also types of these devices, similar in shape ballpoint pen. The device is powered by batteries and has inside a special heater and cartridge which contains nicotine and other chemicals are also equipped with electronic spray cigarette, which converts burnable chemicals in human inhaled evaporation. Electronic cigarettes vaporize nicotine solution capable, water and propylene glycol – a liquid that helps nicotine dissolved in water.

Why anyone smoking electronic cigarettes? Traditional cigarettes contain nicotine, and fans are getting used to it smoke. In the cigarette also has a resin that enters the body, can give rise to cancer. According to proponents of electronic cigarettes, this device allows a person to smoke without causing negative consequences for their own health.

Facts “against” electronic cigarettes.

There are many causes that lead to wary of electronic cigarettes. Firstly, the dose of nicotine which a smoker receives from each puff, has significant differences. Nicotine – stimulates many organs, and a large dose of nicotine can cause abnormal heart rhythms. Of course, now there is no direct evidence that electronic cigarettes can lead to a dangerous heart rhythm – but it’s only because scientists have not yet carried out large-scale, high-quality studies on the safety of smoking electronic cigarettes.

Moreover, electronic cigarettes contain a variety of chemicals. These include: diethylene glycol – a highly toxic, formaldehyde – strong carcinogen; and at least 4 more substances capable of causing harm to human body.