03.02.2014 7:44

NuSkool – «Wasted Youth»

About bychno if it comes about a group NuSkool, remember the song “Sex with Tina Kandelaki” from the series “Margot”, yes clip «Lambretta», which spun on MTV. Neither one nor the other songs on the new disk is not present, so many people will discover NuSkool again and treat it akin to start a conversation with a teenager anxious Bychkov butt in porch – safely, it is useful in terms of sanitation, but not especially wanted.

When this album was not addressed to residents of outlying cocky with their malicious plans for the weekend, and empty-headed freak brands employees of advertising agencies who are using neymdroppinga, rassharivaniya pages of profiles of various “rules of life” and the use of names of “cult” type brands Stone Island trying to find its footing.

Plate «Wasted Youth» composed of four young guys who are not particularly looking for new ways to express themselves through music (gnusnenkie retro synths, funky bass, muttering about the fact that “your dirty thoughts I was unable to solve.”) NuSkool target group are students from the “boxes-rise buildings”, you can get dizzy using references to fashion brands and talk about the future. Listening to the 10 tracks of the disk life lyrical «Wasted Youth» you can learn even a few more than you need: and doubts about the choice of the bomber, and hypocritical girlfriend model that unwinds in Milan, and about finding the right kinds of lemonade.

During listening luzerskoy odyssey «Wasted Youth» doubt there is only one. What is the sincerity of the people who tried to drive visitors to the head of his shows that about experimenting with drugs and morning return from clubs to sing exactly cheerful boyish voice Kosarev Bones? It’s a young father who is posing with his Glamour magazine of baby in and looks like a guy from advertising tooth powder. “One day we wake up and separate us old New Wave” – sings Kostya, and with such a slogan, you can safely go to the heir to the Russian poetic tradition Yaroslav Maly of Tokio. Why, it is likely, NuSkool soon come.