“Nymphomaniac”: sex and no secrets

“Nymphomaniac”: sex and no secrets


Possible spoilers!

Since March 6, on screens is ” Nymphomaniac: Part Two ” by Lars von Trier . The fact that the tear film in half for commercial purposes was blasphemous, we have already mentioned . Perhaps it’s true: the two parts together would have looked more solid. But still can not believe that the director does not participate in this division. The film is verified everything and made it very accurately. Math works without interruption.Director – five plus estimates for reasonableness and storylines. All gun shot. This principle in the film brought to almost sketchy.


Lars von Trier managed to shoot a comedy. Again, well done, got even with critics scolded ” What is essential is the boss “- only in this genre painting von Trier, which was considered unsuccessful. Avenged with oneself, depressed. Laugh – at himself and us. We do believe that there will be sex? Doubled and tripled, soft and hard, with pleasure and without. Believed and waited. And at the exit? In the room where are naked girl and two Africans, no sex. In scenes of sexual sadomasochism sadomasochism there, but no sex. And orgasms, if they were shown in a context that did not excite. In a word, no it’s not pornography, let alone here. Treats are only waiting on a mental level.


While watching this film really excited brain. Lars mocks the viewer, not otherwise. If the first part of it, as a child, his lures fun puzzles and visual aids, then the second part of it diverges to the fullest.School program came to an end, it is time for higher education. Seligman retreat becoming wiser, sometimes even reach the point of absurdity. It says even Joe when he says: “One of the most unfortunate of your analogies.” But I must say, and it becomes more difficult to capture Seligmanornate course of history, Joe. It is increasingly asks her about the details: “I do not understand what this moment with the demonstrators.”


And the audience is not so easy to keep in mind all the semantic strings. Religion, art, family, children … All mixed up in our minds, and we almost got confused. A director quotes and quotes.Well, you can not seriously compare involuntary orgasm Joe and Transfiguration. It is impossible to miss about sex across the world culture! Or maybe?

In the end, the absurd becomes ridiculous and absurd laughter – at the moment when the baby wakes up at night, Joe, get out of bed, opens onto the outdoor balcony. His mother at this time waiting for her orgasm – it was waiting in line at the sitting of sexual pervert named Kay ( Jamie Bell ). On background – music by Handel, outdoors snow falls. I think it resembles something …. No! Do not make the same Trier another ” Antichrist “, he will not kill this glorious child again because of their parents. Okay, okay, relax. Directed quotes himself – so to speak, only checks learning.


The situation of the “Antichrist” will not happen again. In the end, the child has a father, mother, fun on the side. In the “Antichrist” grief happened because lovemaking, but here – just sex. From him, as we remember, there is less crime.

However, Joe still have to say motherhood “yet”: the child is taken from her. And what happens in films by Lars von Trier, when the main character played by Charlotte Gainsbourg remains without a child? True, it falls into the hands of a strong and reliable hero Willem Dafoe . The actor plays a businessman who takes Joe to work. His hero is smiling at the meeting and said the girl had long been waiting for her. A healthy man, a woman lost. Story is as old as the world: they get along fine.Here, the viewer finally realized his kidding. It’s all a big farce. He saw it, he knows it. He is happy that guessed. He smiles, thinking that now, finally, the glades theme and can relax.


And Lars just that and wanted. He joked a bit about pressing problems – education, money collection business, men, employers, women soiskatelnits again – cold calculation that promises success is undoubtedly the case … He dissected in the wake of our relaxed and suddenly began to speak the most serious things. We only had time to recover and that we should listen.


All the main ideas in the “nympho” expressed directly: they need only recognize among the rest.After all, it does not matter, as photographed, and what for what. We laugh cardboard binders moments of the film, which openly give his convention. But without laughing listen what the film wants to convey to us and to make beyond the silver screen. The fact that people can not do anything with their own sexual nature. The fact that because he has morals suppress it, sometimes – throughout life. The fact that the fight against this nature is possible only one of thousands. The film suggested the existence of a man whose sexuality is maximized, which is its embodiment. And such a man is completely alone. Joe did not meet with understanding nor a psychologist, no lover, no sexual partners, nor its successor Pi ( Mia Goth ), which sheltered. As a result, she does not get it and Seligman.


By the end of the film, Joe finds his tree, which her ​​father told in childhood. High on a cliff top, where no one gets, no one can see, lonely, crooked and scary, but at the same time beautiful. It is many years persistently breaks the stone to let him in deeper roots and grow up. He is driven by a powerful force, which, on the one hand, due to the nature, and, on the other hand, resists it. Frame in which Joe stands in front of the tree – one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole movie.

Human nature by Lars von Trier in absentia evil. It is pitch dark, as we remember from the very first frame of the picture. Man easy to obey it, as happens with the heroine of “Antichrist”, and it is very difficult to deal with it that makes the heroine of “nymphomaniac.” In the first part she loves sunsets for what happens afterwards. She descends into the darkness of his nature. In the second part in the cell Seligman she discovers his desire to light. But what for it is light? This resistance to nature or a statement?


The idea of light appears after talking to Seligman. If Joe is sexy, then Seligman exactly the opposite. After exploring sex to the end, you need to consider its opposite. Seligman – a virgin. But what happens in the end? Looks like we played again. Well, of course, because sex can not be! It is very difficult to overcome human nature. Even Joe can not handle it. Where there is a bookish Seligman.


The main character, crazy, like all women, is driven by a powerful force of nature – sexual attraction.And this power can be beneficent where attraction occurs (remember the moment where Joe does blowjob to one of the debtors of the work). But God forbid her face with something asexual. You can deal with sexual attraction but not sexual disgust. The effect will be like an explosion, in this case – shot. Shot in Seligman can be interpreted in different ways. Perhaps it’s just another joke of a director, or all just from serious. May or may not arisen because of the desire / sex reluctance to refute all that bore Seligman, all vneseksualnoe? Come understand this Lars.


Sex, sex, sex … not deceived Trier only one. He really took a 5 hour movie about sex. About anything else. There’s no love, and feelings fail. But calculations are correct: “For every one hundred crimes because of love because there are only one sex.” And in general, sex – it’s not scary, even fun.