Obama personally apologized to the professor for the unflattering stories about the...

Obama personally apologized to the professor for the unflattering stories about the arts


About two weeks ago , U.S. President Barack Obama in one of his speeches said that Americans become better skilled workers than to buy a degree in history. For this statement the head of state had to apologize, and personally. He wrote by hand a letter of apology and sent it to a female professor who wronged his words.

A phrase that some found offensive, Obama said on January 30, when he performed at the factory General Electric. He suggested that the work in the manufacturing industry can be more profitable than, for example, the work of art historian. “Industrial specialty usually well paid,” – said Obama. Then he quickly corrected himself: “No, in the history of art there is nothing wrong. Like the history of art.” However, no one is convinced.

The same day, a history professor at the University of Texas Ann Collins Jones Obama sent an email via the website of the White House. It, inter alia, noted that the history of the arts develops critical thinking. February 12 she received an answer, according to Washington Post .

“Let me apologize for my thoughtless remark. I only spoke about the situation on the labor market, rather than the value of the history of art as such, – wrote President Obama. – As it happened, the history of art has been one of my favorite subjects in high school. This item brought me many happy moments that I may have missed would be if not studied it. “

Obama explained that apologizes to all the representatives of the whole field of science said. “Please understand that I was trying to inspire young people who may not be located to ensure that the four years in college, but are willing to explore a working specialty, which may be the beginning of a decent career,” – Obama said in his letter.

Jones surprised many when she said the president personally. On his Facebook page, she wrote: “I did not expect that this man personally write me a letter of apology. So now I am sorry and forgive me for what I have spent his time”.